Friday, December 28, 2007

Hades/Kronos Part IV

Kronos is the Uranian point that symbolizes authority including government.

Hades describes a variety of conditions ranging from unrefined to criminal; sickness and death.

A Hades/Kronos contact will have been exact by antiscia on December 29th.

By far, the event with the most impact on the world was the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on December 27th,

But between December 19th-28th (while Hades/Kronos have only been between 2--17 minutes from exact) 5 heads of state have come into power. 4 are either under indictment or investigation or have been imprisoned, and another has been “likened to the Emperor Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned”.

South Korea elected Lee Myong-Bak on December 19th. He “swept to a huge victory but Mr. Lee’s landslide was tempered by a new investigation directed at him; an indictment would raise questions about the legitimacy of his administration. (His sun is 27 Sagittarius and he won when the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction was conjunct his sun)

On the same day, South Africa elected Jacob Zuma “handing the current President a resounding defeat.” 2 days later, the chief prosecutor indicated that his agency would soon bring criminal corruption charges against Zuma.

In Thailand on December 23, the party of the deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra won the election, returning him to power. Thaksin “a populist figure and billionaire faces corruption charges but remains loved by poor and rural Thais”.

On the same day, in India voters re-elected “Narendra Modi, arguably India’s most incendiary officeholder, as the chief minister of the western state of Gujarat. His victory, by a wide margin, was a stunning defeat.” Mr. Modi is the politician likened to Nero.

On December 28th, Raila Odinga of Kenya, imprisoned for treason in the 1980‘s, was elected leader of Kenya.

In other news about the heads of countries, Argentina’s president’s is involved in a scandal, the result of US Grand Jury indicting 5 men charged with illegally operating as agents of the Venezuelan government in covering up a scheme to deliver $800,000 in a cash-filled suitcase to the campaign of Argentina’s new president. And Italy's Prime Minister is being asked to resign.

The last Hades/Kronos contact occurred between September and early November of 2006. For much of the time, Saturn was also part of the picture.

During that period Tony Blair resigned along with others, and the heads of state in Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Hungary and India were fired, resigned or were urged to resign. The Mark Foley scandal exploded, the Enron executives were convicted and sentenced and Jack Abramoff was jailed. A church Bishop was excommunicated and the Pope found himself in hot water, accused by irate Muslim leaders from around the world of dividing religions. Dramatic headlines appeared like “Corruption Scandals Wrack Israel” and “Bush faces Senate Rebellion”.

The sheer numbers of leaders with problems during that 9-week period was staggering. All over the world, dozens of government officials of every level as well as corporate presidents were fired, resigned or were pressured to resign; 5 died, 2 were murdered; others were accused, arrested, charged, indicted, convicted, sentenced, or began standing trial. The charges ranged from the typical--miscreant sexual or financial activity-- to the “widespread and arbitrary use of the death penalty” by the Supreme Court of China where 80-90% of the world’s executions occur.

It’s also interesting to note the aftermath of the leaders who came to power during that time frame. Shinzo Abe was elected the new Prime Minister of Japan. He recently resigned exactly 1 year later after one of his Ministers (like the head of a cabinet) committed suicide and 2 others resigned in scandal.

The Democrats gained control of the House and the Senate, arguably to the subsequent disappointment of those who elected them.

Ban Ki-moon became Secretary General of the UN and is currently being accused of nepotism.

There was also some Hades/Kronos humor during the previous contacts. Hugo Chavez in a speech called President Bush THE (not a) devil 6 times.

And this admission from the Hungarian President as he resists the demand for his resignation: he ''lied in the morning, in the evening and at night…we screwed up. Not a little, a lot. No European country has done something as boneheaded as we have -- You cannot quote any significant government measure we can be proud of.”

This past week, at least one ruler seems apparently untouched by the problems of some of the other leaders this week. Queen Elizabeth, on a day when Jupiter trined her sun, became the English monarch who has lived and held the throne the longest since the English monarchy began.

More Hades/Kronos lies ahead. In addition to the contact on December 29th, another exact aspect will occur on May 22nd and 23rdof 2008. But unlike the nine-week Hades/Kronos station between September and November of 2006, these particular contacts are very brief.

In February 2009, Hades and Kronos will station near each other but will be 22 minutes from exact. It will still be a time worth watching.

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