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.  Fertility
.  Personal relationship with military person
.  Sexual assault; relationship assault


Natal Aries=Jupiter=Venus/Zeus 28'  T. Mars was pictire on it on the day of multiple birth.
At the time of the birth, there was an aspect between Jupiter and Uranus and Zeus (also with Vesta) but they were making no dynamic contact to her chart as far as I could see.
SR for multiple births Sun=Moon=Apollon=Vulcanus=Venus/Zeus (64/all within 10' orb)
T. Mars was on it on the day of the birth.

The birth occured during her current solar return year.

Physician who used artificial insemination
Venus/Zeus=Aries=Pallas major aspect (=Neptune 64H)
DOB 9/6/1945 8AM Rome Italy

Meghan Markle Venus/Zeus SA Aries point precisely when Archie Montbatten was born

Although Venus/Zeus is associated with pregnancy and birth rather than children in general, Madonna had P. Saturn=Venus/Zeus at the time her efforts to adopt were denied.
1999 SR for Rocco's birth (8/11/2000 12:52AM LA, CA) Venus=Zeus (64H/14')
LR Venus=Zeus 64H/8')

Britney Spears sister became pregnant when Britney’s LR contained Mercury=Venus/Zeus (64H) specifically identifies sister. (Britney’s SR Aries=Venus/Zeus not specifically sister.)

Queen Elizabeth becomes pregnant w Charles when P. MC = Venus/Zeus (22 1/2' -- 5' orb)

LR Venus/Zeus=Aries
Palin becomes a grandmother.

Queen Anne 17 pregnancies/no surviving children
Venus=Saturn=Zeus (=Ceres=Poseidon)

N. Venus conjunct Zeus in Cancer DOB 7/22/1899
King of Swaziland had 210 children, 90 lived.
Complete picture Venus=Cupido=Zeus=Admetos (22 1/2)

N. Venus/Zeus=Sun and Mercury and Neptune
Margaret Sanger, wrote pamphlets and books about birth control.

N. Hades=Venus/Zeus (64)
Theodore Roosevelt wife dies in childbirth

P. Saturn=Venus/Zeus when Madonna fails in attempt to adopt, altho I've had the impression Venus/Zeus is associated with pregnancy and birth rather than children in general.

P. Saturn=Venus/Zeus in my chart when friend's grandchild was born 2 weeks late. Another friend was in jeopardy of losing new born grandchild when my P. Saturn was 1' away from Venus/Zeus.

Henry VIII 1533 SR Saturn=Venus/Zeus (1' orb--that's one minute)
His wife has more than one miscarriage; SR also contained Sun in Cancer conjunct Saturn and Uranus; Moon=Ceres/Chiron (9' orb)

67 year old Terry Jones impregnates girlfriend while still married. N. Saturn=Venus/Zeus
(64H/1' orb)

Clint Black, fathered baby with girlfriend while still married. N.Venus=Zeus (64H/21' orb) N .Venus/Zeus=Hades=Aries (64H/11' orb)

TWO SETS OF SEXTUPLETS born within hours of each other with Venus/Zeus=Aries and Chiron.  6/10/2007 late PM in Minneapolis and 6/11/2007 around 10AM in Phoenix.

Kelsey Grammer Chiron=Apollon=Venus/Zeus (64)
When child was born with surrogate P. Ceres=P. Jupiter and N. Jupiter/P. Pluto on pic by 64

Janet Jackson Chiron=Venus/Zeus
First child born when she was 52.

King William IV
Many illegitimate children; no heir
Natal Venus/Zeus=Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune

Anne of Austria tripped, fell, lost baby
P. Juno=P. Moon=Venus/Zeus
I don't understand why it was Juno that marked this event, but it was an important event in a pregnancy during a progression that made a contact to Venus/Zeus


N.Venus=Zeus (=Cupido) (64H/less than 30' orb) DOB 12-3-1946
Author History of Gays in the Military

N.Venus=Zeus (=Cupido) (64H/less than 30' orb) DOB 12-3-1946
Author History of Gays in the Military Of Course! But you don't usually see Venus/Zeus as the boyfriend in the army.

Empress Josephine's 1st husband was hanged for mishandling war responsibilities;
her natal Jupiter=Hades=Zeus; he was hanged with transiting Venus=T. Jupiter triggering natal Jupiter/Hades/Zeus picture July 23, 1794

Claire McCaskill vs. Kirstin Gillibrand re: sex in military

  • McCaskill: N. Venus/Zeus=Aries (no more than 21' orb)

      She introduced the Victims Protection Act into the Senate, a bill is intended to help protect the      victims of sexual assault in the military

  • Gillibrand: N. Sun=Venus/Zeus (no more than 35' orb)
          Gillibrand was an important part of the successful campaign to repeal "Don't ask, don't tell" and  she proposed legislation that would remove sexual assault cases in military

"A true woman always loves a real soldier"
Belle Boyd confederate spy N. Venus=Zeus (64/5')

Florence Nightengale
Nurse attended soldiers
BUT she was said to be a virgin.

Thomas Hardy
Far From the Madding Crowd
Marriage to a soldier causes leads to misfortune

Another pic for military relationship: Node/Zeus (Josephine P. Node=Zeus when she met Napoleon)

Sexual assault/relationship assault
People who assault their partners or assault where sex is an ingredient
Transits/progressions at time of assault,
May or may not include weapons
There are several aspects for assault and abuse.

John Wayne Bobbitt Venus=Zeus=Aries 64H/tight orb

Verlaine shot Rimbaud
Verlaine Venus//Zeus

Nicole Brown Simpson Venus/Zeus SA sun exactly when murdered

Vicki Morgan clubbed to death Venus//Zeus (also S and M)

Yoko Ono SR when John Lennon was shot

Ted Bundy

Dominick Dunne's daughter strangled to death by boyfriend.
Dunne had natal Venus/Zeus being triggered by transiting aspect of Venus and Zeus.   10/30/1982

Serial killer/serial rapist
Paul Bernardo
8/27/1964 8:27AM Ontario, Canada

Murdered wife N. Venus=Zeus 22 1/2 - 20' orb
P. Zeus=Venus when they married; 4' orb when he murderred her
12/18/1957 1:20AM Plymouth, Mass

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