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Relationship or family member is the boss or works in government. 
Socializing with officials of someone who works for government at any level.  (overlap with Kronos=Sun/Moon)
Relationship with expert in their field; award winner in their field
May refer to a relationship with someone becoming their own boss; or is a leader in their field
  • Margaret Trudeau husband and son Canadian PM Venus//Kronos
  • Prince Phillip husband of QEII Venus//Kronos//Apollon 1 1/2 degree orb
  • Eleanor Roosevelt N. Kronos=Venus/Cupido
  • Laura Bush N. Venus/Kronos=Aries 64H/11' orb; Pallas=Venus/Kronos semi octile exact
  • Betty Ford N. Jupiter=Venus/Kronos exact
  • Duchess of Windsor N. Venus=Jupiter=Kronos P. Kronos=Venus when she met and married the Duke            
  • Monica Lewinsky SR for relationship w Pres. Clinton Kronos=Venus/Mars; Venus=Saturn/Kronos
  • Baudelaire's girlfriend nicknamed "La President"
  • Jeffrey Epstein
    depraved sexual activity with leading people
    Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor  N. Venus=Jupiter=Kronos                                                P. Kronos=Venus (1' orb) met the Duke of Windsor, when it was exact, they married.
  • Eva Braun N. Mars=Venus/Kronos
  • Eleanor Roosevelt N. Kronos=Venus/Cupido
  • Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) N. Venus/Kronos=Aries (64H/14')
  • Laura Bush N. Venus/Kronos=Aries (64H/11');  Pallas=Venus/Kronos (22 1/2 exact)
  • Betty Ford N. Jupiter=Venus/Kronos (22 1/2 exact)
  • Lady Bird Johnson N. Venus/Kronos=Aries (64H/6')
? When Jamie Lee Curtis' husband inherited his title, her LR contained Saturn=Venus/Kronos

Wife won a award given to historians
N. Venus/Kronos=Aries (wide conjunction of Venus and Kronos) and Juno/Kronos=Aries
DOB 5/18/1936 n TOB

Jonathan Aitken relationship with a dominatrix Venus//Kronos
Here's an interesting one: When James Joyce met the love of his life, a chambermaid, Nora Barnacle, he had P. Kronos=Venus 64H.
(Some evidence for  dominance (S and M) He wrote: "call me into your room and (to) find you     sitting in an armchair …your face deep red with anger and a cane in your hand. To see you point to what I had done and then with a movement of rage pull me towards you and throw me face downwards across your lap") Also, P. Mercury=Venus at the time

Less common: personal relationship/mountains
N. Venus=Saturn=Uranus=Kronos
Climber's boyfriend died in mountain climbing accident (Charlotte Fox May 10, 1957)

In the news:

On April 8th, 2008 Venus squared Kronos (Venus/Kronos). There were a couple of events involving female authority figures:

        Negligent Driving Killed Diana, Jury Finds

       A Philippine court sentenced nine military officers to prison terms of 6 years to up to 40 years            for a 2003 coup attempt against President Gloria Orroyo.

     5/15/2008  California overturns gay marriage

When Helio Venus was near Kronos Hillary won the 1st primary of the campaign.

Melania  Natal Node/Kronos=Aries + Cupido=Kronos;.  Time of election: P. Node=Kronos exactly.  Also Election Day T.Jupiter=N. Sun

?? Mick fanning "attacked" by great white shark 
T. Kronos conjunct n. Venus

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