Thursday, November 29, 2007


Female employees such as manicurists, housekeepers.

RPP "Loathsomeness in love . Prostitution"
High incidence in the charts of sex criminals.

Trump has natal picture and it was triggered by a full moon at the time of the Russian hooker leak.

Jeffrey Epstein Sun=Venus=Mars=Pluto=Hades=Kronos--Sex+money+leaders+"loathsomeness"

!! Brigitte Bardot  Venus//Hades
I guess you could look at her sex symbol movies that way.   At the time, she was the the most naked person in commercial movies ever.

Mary Queen of Scots
Called a whore by priests in her country.  Very complicated intimate life.

Unstable affair  (=Kronos with important figure? Sand)
Began affair with Sand with P. Hades=Venus 1' orb

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