Thursday, November 29, 2007

MIDPOINTS: Venus/Admetos

Few relationships; limitations in relating.

Some famous virgins had Venus/Admetos pictures:
Hans Christian Anderson Sun=Venus/Admetos DOB 4/2/1805 1AM Odense, Denmark
Emily Dickinson Admetos=Venus/Mars DOB 12/10/1830 5AM Amherst, Mass
Herbert Spencer Venus=Admetos ssq DOB 4/27/1820 11:50PM Derby UK
Antoni Gaudi. Venus/Admetos=Aries DOB 6/25/1852 9:30AM Reus, Spain

Bernard Bouriscot was the subject of M. Butterfly.  He fell in love with a Chinese actor posing as a woman.  They had been separated for several years before Bouriscot learned the real sex of his former partner.  Bouriscot had P. Admetos=Venus (45/exact) DOB 8/12/1944 8PM Vannes, France

Lou Salome some lovers but a chaste marriage

Andy Warhol complicated natal picture that includes Venus=Admetos
He was said to be a celibate in downtown art scene includes very active and varied sexuality:  The word virgin is used, but that would be really speculative...still the word is used.
N. Venus=Uranus=Cupido=Hades=Admetos.  Maybe a voyeur in the midst of sexual hedonism

Lana Turner married 8 times N. Sun=Venus/Admetos (9' orb)
8 marriages--very odd for this picture.  Although there continued to be something missing...
DOB Feb 8, 19221 12:30PM Wallace, Idaho

And virgin Jane Austin didn't have it.

Debussy P. Admetos=Venus
Passionate new love'/marriage; left his wife, lost many friends (P. Saturn=Admetos too)

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