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Even pleasant Juno contacts—like Venus/Juno—can still indicate an undesirable relationship development..
•Gilot met Picasso P. Venus=P. Juno
•Wife murderer P. Venus//Juno 4’ (no natal aspect)
•Camilla P. Juno=N. Venus when Diana died
•Obama’s golf game interrupts a wedding
     T. Venus station=N. Venus/Juno 

Met a a guy who bilked her. Catherine Breillat met Rocancourt T. Juno conjunct N. Venus  12/2/2006

Edwina Montbatten began romantic friendship with Nehru; never confirmed as sexual.
P. Venus=N. Juno between exact--r' orb  June 1947

Jung had an ongoing romantic but non sexual relationship outside of his marriage.
"So far we have stayed at the level of poetry that is not dangerous"
It became sexual when P. Venus was conjunct P. Juno in early 1908.
He did not have natal Venus/Juno; he had natal Juno=Hades=Vulcanus
"It is my misfortune that I cannot live without the joy of love, of tempestuous, ever-changing love in 

Good looks?
Mary fell in love with Darnley 2/17/1565
SA Venus=Venus/Juno (NatalVenus=Juno she was about 22 1/2 SA)

Social or personal relationship with someone involved in décor, fashion, jewelry, construction. (N, P, SA, SR/LR)

Queen Elizabeth I T. Juno conjunct N. Venus
her boyfriend throws a big costume party for her

Theresa May's father in law wholesale shoes. N.Venus/Juno dob 10/1/1956 no TOB

Jeffrey Madoff
P. Juno exactly opposite Venus  March 2009
He's arrested + headline "Prosecutors sets sights on Ruth Madoff's Jewelry"
DOB 4/29/1938 1:50PM New York, NY

N. Venus/Juno=Aries (64H/2' orb)
Mrs. Salvatore Ferragamo (DOB 12/18/1921 4:25PM Italy)

N. Venus/Juno=Aries (64H/12' orb) DOB 4/25/1928 2:20AM Utah
Underwear fetish

P. Venus=Juno/Hades (22½ ) Woman met with friend who sells decorative items to Target

P. Venus=Juno knitter has friend who raises sheep for wool.  Goes to farm and does 'wooling' with friend.

Client meets wrought iron worker.  

N. Venus square Juno
Hank Greenberg (baseball player) married Gimbel's depart store heiress DOB 1/1/1911 12:05AM

SA to Venus/Juno
Friend brings a decorative gift.

Harriette Wilson courtesan
Her main affair was with Lord Craven, a soldier. Wilson also claims a viscount assaulted her.

T. Venus Pisces square T. Juno in Sagittarius
Girls removed from polygamy compound 4/4-4/2008

Hawaiin wedding relocated because President Obama's golf game would be going by.  T. Juno=Obama's Venus/Vulcanus

?? Another way to describe beautiful person male or female?  ___

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