Thursday, November 29, 2007


In a natal chart, it appears to be art activity.  Venus=Pallas or Venus/Pallas=Aries or Sun

Some evidence for work and partnership (as in a couple)

An interesting illustration: male serial killer who lured female victims with job promises!

But maybe a more ordinary illustration:
My husband gets a job offer
My P. Venus=P. Pallas

Many illustrations of artisis:

Pat Bentar 1/10/1953 no tob
Rudolph Bing (1/9/1902 8am Vienna) Aries=Venus/Pallas (22 1/2 17' orb)

In the news:
Pallas is sometimes associated with warfare
These events didn't have to do with just warfare exactly, but you do get the impression the women involved were warriors:
T. Venus conjunct Pallas in Aries v 4/20/2008
First woman to win an Indy car race.
First woman to run for president in Paraguay. She lost.

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