Thursday, November 29, 2007


The home of a loved one.  (N, P, SA, SR/LR)
In a natal chart, may describe a partner in real estate or building.

John Galsworthy Before they married, he and future wife had a long affair and often stayed clandestinely in a farmhouse called Wingstone,  Galsworthy took a long lease on part of the building and it was their regular second home  for many years.
Natal Venus=Cupido=Vulcanus=Chiron=Admetos=Vesta major aspect. (Venus/Mars=Vesta 64H)
DOB 8/14/1867 2:30PM Kingston, UK

Gay discrimination suit settled
Venus square Mars =Vesta

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Anonymous said...

Today I bought an armoire to try to beautify my living room. T. Venus square my Vesta Venus midpoint