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Mercury activity: education, publication, vehicles, siblings.
Sometimes employment, sometimes a sideline, hobby or just one part of one's career
Pattern recognition (some chess players; some mathmaticians)

In a large sample of people born with  Mercury/Pallas, many were "pro's" with a Mercury career,  but a large fraction were people employed in a non-Mercury profession for whom Mercury activity was a part of their activity or a sideline in their careers.  For example, Richard Branson started Virgin Publishing in 1979, which launched his career as a music publisher, which in turn, launched his career in Virgin Records.

The most interesting group were 9 people in crime/infamy
One is mentioned in 2 Mercury categories (a Jack the Ripper suspect!)

Writers 4 (+a possible fifth, a suspected Jack the Ripper whose existence as a suspect was discovered by a journalist in the private papers of an investigator

Siblings 2 (including the aforementioned "ripper" who was cared for by his siblings

Vehicles: 2 

Education 1

 Data found on Solar Fire Search of Mercury/Pallas all hard major aspects

Zoe Lund co wrote movie scripts, also fame for heroin addiction
Kim Philby spy and journalist
Luca Nobile blogger charged with murder and then exonerated
Norma McCorvey Roe V. Wade wrote 2 books; listed in Wiki under American writers

Is this a stretch?
Aaron Kosminski Jack the Ripper suspect; existence discovered by journalist in notes handwritten in the margin of Assistant Commissioner's memoirs. Kosminski was also cared for by his sisters who "shared responsibility" for him

Stephanie Santerre killed by boyfriend who worked in a car body shop and lived with his sister
Joseph Dietrich was Hitler's chauffeur

Dylan Klebold was Columbine High School shooter (he also had Mercury/Zeus); his 'partner' Eric Harris had a minor aspect of Mercury/Pallas as well as Pallas/Hades which is one of the crime aspects)

Vito Genevese worked with brothers in organized crime
Kosminski  (alledged Jack the Ripper was cared for by his sisters who "shared responsibility" for him

Natal Mercury=Pallas (64H) Bobby Fischer DOB 3/9/1943 2:39pm Chicago

Mathematicians; the pattern recognition is a common factor among these mathematician
 (math is more commonly symbolized by Mercury/Uranus see section on Mathematicians)

N. Sun//Apollon//Mercury//Pallas DOB 2/9/1907
Mathematician hailed as one of the foremost geometricians of his generation; inspired M. C. Escher and influenced the architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller, childhood fascination with symmetry; mathematical concepts have been named for him, including Coxeter groups

Alan Turing
Mercury=Pallas semi-octile 45' orb
Mathematician; cracked codes in WWII

P. Venus=Mercury/Pallas
Event: Luncheon with teachers

Work w sibling:
(Louis) Lumiere Brother Mercury/Pallas=Aries 64H
August Lumiere Brother Mercury conjunct Pallas 1 degree orb

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