Sunday, September 2, 2007

MIDPOINTS: Mercury/Pluto

Pluto events most commonly about money; less commonly about death.

Mercury events often include siblings, vehicles, Mercury environments (e.g., post office, school, publication)

Robert Smith pays off students' college loans DOB Dec 1 1962

My cousin N. Pluto station trine Mercury
Died by crashing into a post office

Laureate for the Departed DOB 12/30/1946
(complete picture is Mercury//Mars//Uranus//Pluto//Vulcanus)

T. Mercury conjunct natal Pluto
Drive to cemetery

T.Pluto antiscia natal Mercury
Toby Keith awarded money for car accident that killed his father.

T. Pluto conjunct N. Mercury
Pope Francis' neice and grandnephews killed in auto crash

P. Pluto=Mercury/Pluto
We receive tax refund from aunt's estate.

In the News

Mercury Gemini opposite Pluto Sag (1 degree orb) 6/27/02
The Supreme Court ruled that a school voucher program--in which parents are given the ability to pay for the education of their children in a private rather than public school--does not infringe upon the constitutional separation of church and state. (Also Gemini/Sag opposition very descriptive.)

Mercury station=Pluto by 22 ½ 12/17/2003
New York magazine sold for $55 million.
UPS pension fund problem

Mercury conjunct Pluto Sagittarius 12/19/2007
Hillary Rodham Clinton's youngest sibling is a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his politically connected ex
Dennis Kucinich brother commits suicide
New York City transit announces fare hike.

Mercury conjunct Pluto 12/31/2005
Transit biggie dies
Transit strike in London (also Mercury=Saturn same day)
Pataki considers withholding transit pension

T. Mercury station in Pisces square Pluto Sag (station was on a Thurs/this happened on previous Monday)
The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission rebuked the agency's enforcement division on Monday for issuing a subpoena to two journalists.

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