Sunday, September 2, 2007


Food stamps, diet newsletter, food delivered by mail, food labels, food education

Adele Davis Mercury//Ceres

Food writer for New York Times
N. Mercury//Ceres (also Ceres in 10th house)
Jane Brody (DOB 5/19/1941 3:12AM Brooklyn, NY)

MFK Fisher Sun=Mercury/Ceres 2' orb
7/3/1908 11:57PM Albion Landing, Mich

Richard Rodgers N. Mercury conjunct Ceres
When P. Mercury conjunct P. Ceres The Girlfriend opened.  Plot is a guy on a bicylce churning butter.  (His brother was an obsetrician??)
P. Mercury=Moon/Ceres
Food vendor course

Mercury/Ceres SA
Read a book about food that changed her diet

Giuliano Bugialli 1.67/1931
cooking schools, books
Mercury=Uranus=Ceres (+TV)

Julia Reed cookbooks dob September 11, 1960 no tob

?? communicating with animals?
Art Meyers October 24, 1917

N. Mercury//Ceres
Melitta Bentz Jan 31 1873 no TOB Germany

P. Mercury=Saturn/Ceres
Phone call and written report on cholesterol results after months of dietary restrictions

Beyonce launches vegan food biz delivered by Fedex
P. MC=Mercury/Ceres (AA rated chart)

CERES IS ALSO TOBACCO it's ingested; it's vegetation
Biggest collection of books about tobacco
Mercury/Ceres=Sun (64H)
William Bragge

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