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Medical education or publication, health
Health of sibling (aunt, uncles, cousin, bro, sister, neice, nephew)
Medical problems associated with learning, memory, respiration, athsma
Medical vehicles

Natal Mercury/Neptune
Fleet Admiral, submarine expert, super carrier SS Nimitz named for him.
Admiral Nimitz DOB 2/24/1885

Mercury trine Neptune (less than 2 degrees orb)
Dick Newick, Sailboat Design Visionary DOB 5/9/1926

T. Neptune opposite N. Mercury
Herman Melville writes and publishes Moby Dick (1850-1851)
DOB 8/1/1819 11:30 PM NYC

T. Neptune square N. Mercury
Leonardo DiCaprio during making and release of “Titanic” DOB 11/11/1974 2:47 AM LA, CA.

T. Neptune=Mercury (22 ½)
Jim Cameron during making of “Titanic” DOB 8/16/1954

Brutus de Villeroi early submarine inventor North Node Neptune conjunct Mercury

Health of sibling
N. Mercury=Neptune (22 ½ 30’ orb) Dennis Kucinich DOB 10/8/1946 5:53AM Cleveland, OH
Brother had history of mental problems, eventually committed suicide (also had Mercury/Chiron, Mercury/Pluto)

Louis XVI N. Pluto=Mercury/Neptune
P. Pluto=Mercury/Neptune 1' from exact/sick brother died
Sun=Mercury/Neptune 64H/1' orb; P. Pluto=Sun exactly 64H when brother died

N. Mercury/Neptune=Aries (22 1/2--no greater than 12' orb)
Editor of "Handbook of Social Psychology"
Gardner Lindzey DOB 11/27/20

Mercury health issues
N. Mercury/Neptune appeared in 9 out of 20 charts of Alzheimer's victims (also Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Admetos)

David Cassidy Mercury=Neptune semi octile 21' orb

Prince Henrik Denmark gets dementia diagnosis with transiting Neptune trine Mercury

Stutterer: Lewis Carroll (natal)

Charles Starkweather stammer natal Mercury=Neptune=Hades

N. Sun=Mercury/Neptune (22 1/2 -- 20' orb)
Michael Caine has a half brother, David, who has epilepsy and lives in a mental hospital.

N. Mercury=Neptune (22 ½ 30’ orb) Dennis Kucinich DOB 10/8/1946 5:53AM Cleveland, OH
Brother had history of mental problems, eventually committed suicide (also had Mercury/Chiron, Mercury/Pluto)

N. Mercury square Neptune
Designer Christian Dior developed TB when T. Neptune trine Mercury

Bobby Womack Alzherimer's diagnosis 
T. Neptune conjunct Mercury

Progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disorder. 
N. Mercury=Neptune=Hades=Aries  DOB 7/6/1943

N. Mercury ssq. Neptune
Diagnosed with "chronic brain inflammation" at conjunction.  Also wrote his first novel anonymously.   Invested heavily in  mining; involved with newspaper that promoted his investments.  Both folded.  

John Milton N. Hades=Mercury/Neptune; he was blind
Also Sun=Mars=Neptune=Chiron=Vulcanus

Linda Tripp secretly taped Monica Lewinski
P. Mercury square Neptune

Neitzsche goes mad
P. Mercury=natal and progressed Neptune couple of minutes orb (22 1/2)

Mohammed Ali Natal Mercury=Neptune (135)
first notices loss of motor skills due to MS
P. Neptune=Mercury/Neptune
Dies of respiratory problems

Katherine Mansfield N. Mercury=Neptune=Chiron=Aries  64H/19' orb

Erich Fromm Mercury/Neptune=Aries tuberculosis
also wrote psychology books

N. Mercury opposite Neptune
Sent anthrax thru the mail. DOB 4/22/1946 T. Mars was on it 9/18/2001 when he did it.

Physician worked out of a mobile van, from which she offered a range of social services. November 25,1940

Not always firmly planted in the real world.    
Fiction writers and poets...and visionaries

Several people who've seen visions of Mary or Jesus have N. Mercury/Neptune pictures.  Mercury/Neptune people can have strong faith.  Martin Luther N. Mercury conjunct N. Neptune.  When T. Neptune & T. Uranus squared natal picture  he wrote: "That is why faith alone makes someone just and fulfills the law,"  that was his breakthrough as a theologion, resultedg in the reformation.  Luther entered monestary with T. Neptune on Natal Mercury/Neptune and vowed to become a monk immediately when a thunderstorm hit & prayed if he survived he'd become a monk.

People who experienced miracles

In the charts of 14 people who have experienced miracles 5 of the 14 had Mercury/Neptune aspects with an orb of 18' or less.  The most common factor was Neptune angular or in aspect to Moon, Mercury or Mars, found in 11 of the 14 charts.  If Neptune conjunct the cadent side of an angle is included, the incidence rises to 13 out of the 14.   

    Rosie Ruiz lied about winning 1980 Boston Marraton
   DOB 6/23/1980 no TOB Mercury/Neptune=Aries

    Kellyanne Conway
    Mercury=Neptune Semi octile exact

    January 20, 1967 8 58am Camden, NJ

3/27/1984 4:50 AM

Mercury=Neptune 7/20/06

Tsunami. Although hurricanes and other extreme weather and water related events can oc
occur with other planets contacting Neptune, Mercury sometimes appears when wind is a factor.

T. Mercury conjunct T. Neptune
"many questions remained unanswered" Jussie Smollett incident
Mueller report released

T. Mercury=T. Neptune (22 ½ / 30 minute orb) (7/8/2003)
    Ferry capsizes killing 400
    Students sue Dept. of Education for making them take exams for pregnancy and STD.  
<36 orb="" p="">
<36 orb="" p="">SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT  Ken Miles intentionally "lost" Le Mans race he was actually winning (it's complicated and worth reading--google it)  T. Neptune conjunct Natal Mercury  

Nancy Pelosi's Mercury/Neptune had me confused (haha) for a long time.  Her Mercury/Vulcanus is more evident.  Once, she spoke for 7 hours  Lately she's been speaking publcly alot lately...and i notice her speech is garbled.  It could be anything (my guess is her dental work seems to be getting in the way).  
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<36 orb="" p="">

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