Sunday, September 2, 2007


Longwinded (natal chart). Foreign language, long distance missives.

Brigitte Bardot N. Mercury conjunct Jupiter wrote 2 volume 1300 p. autobio

Kirk Douglas N. Mercury trine Jupiter Aries, when P. Mercury in Cap squares Jupiter in Aries he claims "I broke the blacklist"  (Here Jupiter=government or ideology, not sure).  Made a movie w 2 languages at the same time.  Started when T. Jupiter was conjunct Jupiter and trine Mercury

Mohammed Ali N. Mercury trine Jupiter
 "I am the greatest" (+Sun ssq Jupiter)
When P. Mercury square Jupiter, he gets sent by US government to speak to 5 foreign leaders about boycotting the Moscow Olympics in  Jan. 1980.

Natal Mercury/Jupiter=Aries
Dialect Coach 11/23/1930

N. Mercury trine Jupiter
WWII codebreaker because of her expertise in the German language, she was referred to the intelligence services.  5/5/1921 
 (Also had Jupiter=Uranus=Pallas and depending on the UK tob there's a good  chance she had Zeus=Mercury/Pallas, Zeus=Mercury/Jupiter, Zeu=Mercury/Uranus)

N. Sun=Mercjury/Jupiter (64' no greater than 9' orb) DOB 7 24 1923
William Weaver, Influential Translator of Modern Italian Literature

Nuclear Talks ending an 11-month boycott,

Loan Company Cancels a Trip for Educators (Jupiter=Admetos exactly)

Mercury=Zeus=Jupiter Winds in California spread fires

Punishing Winds Howl Across Northeast (Mercury Jupiter is often winds)

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