Sunday, September 2, 2007


On a concrete level: travel, vehicles.
Problems with Mercury entity, activity; separation from Mercury entity. (IMO, these manifest less frequently than travel)

Inventor of automobile Henry Ford (DOB 7/301863 7AM Greenfield, MI)
Mercury/Saturn=Aries (64H/10’ orb)

Amelia Earhart N. Mercury=Saturn (64/15') (DOB 7/24/1897 11:30PM Atchison, KS)
When she flew her final flight (6/2/1937) she had P. Sun=Mercury/Saturn (major aspect).  She also had P. Asd. conjunct N. Neptune.

Wilbur Wright N. Sun=Mercury/Saturn (DOB /18/1871
 N. Sun=Mercury/Saturn (major aspect) no greater than 40' orb.

Transit executive (DOB 9/19/1952 Solar Chart)
Mercury//Saturn (within 1 degree orb)

Truck Driver (DOB 4/12/1944 9:21 AM Weymouth, MA)
Mercury/Saturn=Aries (64H/7’ orb)

The partner travels (N, P, SR, LR)

Sun-Hades=Mercury/Saturn <30 nbsp="" orb="" p="">sold more used cars than anyone on the planet

Car accident kills her children
P. Mercury=P. Saturn 2' orb
Isadora Duncan

One passenger was turned away from the Air France which went down into the ocean. His passport was invalid.
  • In his solar return he had Jupiter=Uranus=Aries (64H/2' orb). He also had Admetos=Mercury/Saturn (22 1/2 w 8' orb) which apparently meant a truncated trip.  (But natally he had Saturn=Uranus!)
  • DOB 12/3/1971 1:45AM Rio, Brazil
Hades=Mercury/Saturn  Ryan Reynolds
  • During the first night in Los Angeles, Reynolds’ jeep was stolen and stripped. It was later returned, and he drove it without doors for the next four months. 
  • Reynolds has a fear of flying that began when he was skydiving and a parachute failed to open on the first attempt. He enjoys scuba diving, swimming, fishing and snowboarding.
  • He was hit by a car april 2015
N. Jupiter and Kronos=Mercury/Saturn
Hillary climbed Mt. Everest DOB 7/20/1919 4PM Papakura, NZ

T. Saturn/Kronos/Vulcanus=Camilla's Mercury when Diana died in a car accident

N. Zeus=Mercury/Saturn; WWI fighter pilot Gabrille D'Annunzio

Mercury station=Saturn (6/2014)

Tracy Morgan car accident (T. Saturn conjunct N. Sun)

Airport firefight

6/2014 Mercury station=Saturn
"Time Inc. to Set a Lonely Course After a Spinoff"

Leonardo DiCaprio wins invasion of privacy lawsuit against publication
P. Mercury=Saturn (2' orb sqq)

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