Sunday, September 2, 2007


Natal Mercury/Mars is mental tension, natural debater, sharp or attacking style of speaking/writing.
Authors: James Baldwin, Norman Mailer, Balzac.

Natal Mercury/Mars=Aries and Mercury=Mars/Node often mean a Mercury profession.

N. Mercury square Mars
Sallie Jayne Richardson Poet born 5/10/1934
Her most famous work: “If the Drum Is a Woman,”
why are you pounding your drum into an insane babble
why are you pistol-whipping your drum at dawn
why are you shooting through the head of your drum
and making a drum tragedy of drums
if the drum is a woman
don’t abuse your drum don’t abuse your drum
don’t abuse your drum
T. Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra--a day when a number of car bombs occurred.

Mercury/Mars showed up in the charts of 9 out of 12 Alzherimer's patients
Not because it denotes Alzheimers, but one of the symptoms of the illness is angry expression or outbursts

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