Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Dispute, war, military, weapons (ranging from martial arts to knives to guns and war).

T. Mars antiscia N Zeus Zappos guy died as a result of injuries from a fire DIB12/12/1973 Fire occurred November 18, 2020

Military man: Winston Churchill Natal Mars/Zeus=Aries (64H/10' orb)
Complete picture is Mars=Zeus=Kronos=Aries (64H/22' orb) Also Zeus=Mars/Saturn=AriesWinston  DOB 11/30/1874 1:30AM Woodstock, England

P. Zeus=Mars (64H/1' orb)
Prince Harry enlists.

Franz Ferdinand shot by assassin
P. Mars=P. Zeus 2' orb semi octile

"Shotgun Willie" Nelson Sun=Mars=Zeus

P. Venus=Mars/Zeus
Woman's son attends martial arts camp.

?a battle?
Autumn Jackson vs. Bill Cosby (1974)
P. Node=Mars/Zeus

N. Saturn=Kronos=Mars/Zeus (64H/11’ orb)
Demoted from military commander in chief. (DOB 7/28/1879 8:10AM Torino, Italy)

Amy Fisher shot her boyfriend's wife

Venus Williams P. Zeus conjunct N. Mars exact 2001-2002 Indian Wells 'boycott' controversy 2001 The ugliness was just raining down on me, hard Even now, all these years later, we continue to boycott the event. 

Her sister was shot to death when the conjunction was 1’ past exact

RPP: Machinery
4 out of 5 engineers had Mars/Zeus pics
1 had Sun=Jupiter=Zeus


Hamas commander shot, despite ceasefire 1/29/2007 T. Mars square Zeus 1 degree orb

September 27, 2015 eclipse chart
Taliban attacks
Russia attacks Syria
School shooting

T. Mars=T. Zeus (=T. Pluto)
5/19/2016  Record heat in India 123 degrees

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