Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Dispute, war, military, weapons (ranging from martial arts to knives to guns and war).

T. Mars antiscia N Zeus Zappos guy died as a result of injuries from a fire DIB12/12/1973 Fire occurred November 18, 2020

Military man: Winston Churchill Natal Mars/Zeus=Aries (64H/10' orb)
Complete picture is Mars=Zeus=Kronos=Aries (64H/22' orb) Also Zeus=Mars/Saturn=AriesWinston  DOB 11/30/1874 1:30AM Woodstock, England

P. Zeus=Mars (64H/1' orb)
Prince Harry enlists.

Franz Ferdinand shot by assassin
P. Mars=P. Zeus 2' orb semi octile

"Shotgun Willie" Nelson Sun=Mars=Zeus

P. Venus=Mars/Zeus
Woman's son attends martial arts camp.

?a battle?
Autumn Jackson vs. Bill Cosby (1974)
P. Node=Mars/Zeus

N. Saturn=Kronos=Mars/Zeus (64H/11’ orb)
Demoted from military commander in chief. (DOB 7/28/1879 8:10AM Torino, Italy)

Amy Fisher shot her boyfriend's wife


Hamas commander shot, despite ceasefire 1/29/2007 T. Mars square Zeus 1 degree orb

September 27, 2015 eclipse chart
Taliban attacks
Russia attacks Syria
School shooting

T. Mars=T. Zeus (=T. Pluto)
5/19/2016  Record heat in India 123 degrees

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