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RPP delineation: 
"to take less action"
"the market goes lower"

Part-time work, temporary work.
Limited in one's work
limited movement

Part time activity (adult or children/after school job)
.  Work that doesn't require much participation (honorary position)
.  Less than full stature (apprentice; "acting" positions) 
   ("honorary position", apprentice)
.  Specialized work
.  Not much room to move, less activity (can be voluntary "Stand by your Man"; 
   some wheelchair other other health issues limit activity)
  Rotation (doesn't move far, just goes around and around)

In art: short pieces of work; first soap operas; 45's 

Partial work; specialized work: Henry Ford created the assembly line, "parts) are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from workstation to workstation where the parts are added in sequence"
His quote: "the assembling of the motor is now done in 84 operations"
DOB  July 30, 1863 7:00 AM ) Greenfield Village, Michigan

Lucille Ball natal Sun=Mars=Pluto=Admetos
When P. Mars=N. Admetos (4' orb), "Little Rickie" was introduced on her show
Otherwise, WTF  TV shows were short?  Irma Phillips creator of soap operas had Mars/Admetos
Lucille Ball DOB 8/6/11 5PM Jamestown, NY

George Eliot's Natal Mars/Admetos
Triggered by Pluto/ Neptune maybe Chiron 1856
Publishes her first short story; will eventually be part of a novel
Completes another book, but never published in her lifetime 

DOB `11/22/1819 5AM Nuneaton, England

Charles Fourier Mars=Saturn=Admetos
Changed jobs frequently; believed in working for one's passion only

Not moving far; no room to move
"Stand by your man" Tammy Wynette Mars=Admetos

ALS victim; in a wheelchair
Peter Frates was born on Dec. 28, 1984,

The French writer Maurice Blanchot, who has died aged 95, was not so much a private person, it was almost as if he was perpetually absent. He lived in isolated places, such as the village of Eze-Village, in the south, or Mesnil Saint Denis, in the Yvelines, where he died. He never appeared on radio or television, never spoke in public and did not allow himself to be photographed. One biographer, Christophe Bident, entitled his book Maurice Blanchot: Invisible Partner.
N. Mars/Admetos
Neptune inconjunct Chiron

Rotation (doesn't move far, just moves around and around in limited space): 

Inventor of the rotary fan
Schuyler Skaats Wheeler N. Mars=Admetos 5/17/1860 no TOB

Felix Wankel inventor-developer of the rotary combustion engine

N. Mars=Admetos
8/131902 1AM Lahr Germany

George Westinghouse 1st brake invention (associated with wheel rotation)
N. Mars/Admetos/Vulcanus triggered by  T. Uranus
10/6/1846 11:20AM Central Bridge, NY 

John Jacob Astor IV (also associated with brakes)

 Mars//Admetos (also Mercury=Admetos 7/13/1864  12:30PM Rhinebeck, NY 

Tycho Brahe Natal chart Natal Mars/Uranus/Admetos/Juno
He didn't believe the earth rotated around sun
DOB 12/14/1546 8:30AM Knudstrup, Scania

Brahe's other Mars/Admetos events: When T. Pluto/Uranus/Neptune triggered natal picture 1568
Appointed a canon at a cathedral, honorary position (little or no work) allowing him time for studies

When T. Pluto triggered picture in 1588

His royal benefactor died (this is transiting Pluto)
A volume of Tycho's great two-volume work was published Astronomiae Instauratae Progymnasmata (Introduction to the New Astronomy).  The first volume,  was not ready because the reduction of the observations; it was not completed in Tycho's lifetime some copies of 2nd volume were issued in 1588

When Chiron triggered picture his nose is cut off, but i think this was Juno/Chiron manifest

Michael Faraday invented electromagnetic rotary device 
N. Sun=Mars/Admetos 64H/8'orb DOB 9/22/1791 5AM Newcastleton, UK

Racetracks: circular movement
Bing Crosby started DelMar Racetrack natal Mars//Admetos
Event: racetrack opens Mars/Admetos SA Sun 9' orb
5/3/1903 4PM Spokane, Washington

August Belmont Senior owned a racetrack

His other Mars/Admetos events: when T. Pluto triggered natal Mars/Admetos, he went to work for Rothschild as an apprentice; after school job DOB 12/8/1818 12PM Alzey Germany

Long distance circumnavigation!'
Bertrand Piccard  first non stop balloon circumnavigation of the globe! 
 Mars/Admetos=Aries 1 degree orb  
(also Saturn=Apollon major aspect and Saturn=Cupido=Apollon but no  evidence i could find for either of these pictures)
DOB 3/1/1958 4:50 AM Lausanne, Switzerland
His partner did not have outstanding Mars/Admetos symbolism

Here's one that attempted to circumnavigate the globe in a balloon, he went 233 hours.

Colin Prescott DOB 4/20/1950 12:05AM High Wycombe, UK Sun=Mars/Admetos 15' orb

But Copernicus  most significant  Admetos picture was Saturn/Admetos and a minor aspect of  Admetos=Aries

Other circular issues:
Paul Tillich philosophy: "This is a circle which drives man to a point where question and answer are not separated" DOB 8/20/1886 12:30AM Staroseidle, Poland

Ways in which movement is impeded: Wheelchair:
ALS victim Peter Frates was born on Dec. 28, 1984
Wheelchair: N. Vulcanus=Mars/Admetos July 13, 1945

Sarah Bernhardt N. Mars=Uranus=Vulcanus=Admetos=Juno
She had an accident; she had an amputation; her movement was limited; she was carried on a pallet
Other Mars/Admetos: She managed every aspect of the theater, from the finances to the lighting, sets, and costumes, as well as appearing in eight performances a week (started w tT. Pluto triggering pic) 
10/23/1844 8PM  Paris, France

Fear of flying:
David Bowie Sun=Mars/Admetos
Aretha Franklin Sun=Mars/Admetos
Ben Affleck Mars//Admetos
Ronald Reagan Mars/Admetos=Aries 38' orb
Joan Baez Mars square Admetos 2 degree orb (Saturn at MP)
Michel Gauquelin Mars square Admetos 2 degree orb; recorded TOB has MC=Mars=Admetos
Ryan Reynolds Mars opp Admetos 2 degree 45' orb; recorded TOB has MC and ASC at midpoint
Jennifer Anniston Sun=Mars=Admetos When progressed Admetos=Mars exactly she directed a short film, she divorced and she withdrew from a commercial partnership.  The short film is the only activity i would attribute to Mars/Admetos. 
Florence Henderson Mars/Admetos=Aries 64H/2' orb
Dana Gerhardt Sun=Mars/Admetos 2' orb
Jeff O'Neil Mars=Admetos ssq

People who had fear of flying without having Mars/Admetos
x Gene Clark
xJ. Paul Getty
x sam shepard

Kim Bassinger Mars=Admetos=Aries (=Uranus)
Brian Wilson Mars=Admetos=Aries 64H

Etc: Any limitation or partial activity: 
Henry IV
Prevented from a universal recognition of his title. 
Sanctioned privileges of a particular region including tax breaks  T Pluto triggered n. Mars=Admetos=Pluto March 1582
12/13/1553 1:30PM Pau France

Empress Josephine P. Ceres=P. Admetos both 1' from N. Mars
She can't conceive a child; Napoleon divorces her (I think this is more about Ceres/Admetos)
N. Mars=Admetos=Pluto=Juno
Juno/Admetos: she married a short guy
Pluto/Admetos: she had debts
6/23/1763 4AM Fort de France, Martinique

Other kids of limitation
Sexual bondage

WTF: Mussolini Mars=Neptune=Hades=Admetos
This is one of those 4 point pictures  where  (with 20/20)  2 of the planets worked more obviously together: Mars and Hades.  This was true of transits to the picture (See Neptune/Hades  for more on Mussolini)  WTF: When P. Mars=Admetos exactly,  the major chronicled event: his son was born.
DOB 7/29/1833 2PM Predappio, Italy

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