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Affiliations (family, political party, clubs, societies, associations, partygoers)

·       Groups are provocative, generate dispute, intentional or not

·       Family: affected by war

      Conflict in family; conflict against family (like Zeus/Cupido, which may be more armed conflict)

·       Sports organizations 

·       Parties (party planners); wild or hard partying       

 Conflict affects family; war affects relationship


HD + husband the war was a big factor in their marriage

Anne Frank


Melissa Stern families fighting over her


Jane Goodall study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees


Neptune=Mars/Cupido Husband disappeared (Mme De Loyens)

Less common: Adrienne Rich husband shot himself P. Cupido=Mars


Within a group; organization, community


·       Encounter opposition

·       A dissenting voice, provocative


Communist/Zionist Moses Hesse philosophies conflicted with both communities he was part of: the communists and alienated Jews.


Linus Pauling provoked "considerable acrimony" with work on Vitamin C; controversial political positions.  His peace activism, his frequent travels, and his enthusiastic expansion into chemical-biomedical research all aroused opposition at Caltech.He sued a publication N. Mercury=Mars=Saturn=Cupido=Zeus (t. Poseidon triggered it when article was published accusing him of being a Communist)



Group exists to be provocative

Gautier involved with a group of artists who meant to frighten the middle and upper class by acting like barbarians and primitives.  They played in public, instruments they didn't know how to play.  Plots of his novels: 1. a 1st rate swordswoman, a soldier (2) a poison needle (3) an orgy



Wild parties


Arbuckle N. Sun=Mars/Cupido; event happened with T. Saturn square Cupido



Events on progressed contacts


·       Business connection

Birdman of Alcatraz N. Mars=Cupido=Node=Aries

P. Cupido=Mars A bird researcher moves close to the prison in which he's incarcerated to start a business together selling his avian medicines.


·       Gathering

Billy Graham 1st Crusade P. Cupido=Mars

His first large gathering; called a "Crusade"


·       Union of countries

Queen Elizabeth  two countries choose to stay part of the Commonwealth, rejecting proposals to become republics.  And she breaks tradition and attends the first Maundry service outside England and Wales (in Ireland) P. Cupido=Mars 2008-2009


·       Art activity and marriage

Coretta Scott King begins study at a music conservatory; also met and married Dr. Martin Luther King; P. Cupido=Mars (1952-1953)


·       Elected and married

George Washington First elected to government; married his wife P. Cupido conjunct Mars 1758-1759


·       Political organizations founded; societies founded

Dalai Lama Begins a political organization, tries for an affiliation, attends a birthday party Formed Central Tibetan Administration in India P. Cupido=Mars 3' orb 1959 (Exact in 1956 he traveled to celebrate Buddha's 2500th Birthday celebration, first asked Indian PM for political asylum, discouraged at this time)



Founded Academy of Natural Sciences P. Cupido square Mars 2' orb 1812

Thomas Say


Attended Parliament of World Religions and  introduced Hinduism to the west

P. Mars//P. Cupido Vivekananda 1898 P. Mars//P. Cupido


Events illustrating planets at the midpoint



Antoni Gaudi had a patron, the richest citizen of Barcelona Eusebi Güell Antoni "the unlimited genius met unlimited funding". Patron died; Antoni's Gaudi P. Pluto=Mars/Cupido exact (He had the natal configuration too)

Other instances of Pluto=Mars/Cupido being helped financially by friend or patron (Thomas Huxley)



Weird alliances

Umberto I; father died, he became King of Italy

"Italy gained an empty promise of German support of Italian colonial ambitions in return for Italy's continued friendship."

Criticized for appointing  Prime Minister who empowered organized crime; responding the PM was "a pig, but a necessary pig"



·       Uncompromising

·       Provocative

·       Disputes with associates

·       Content: war, violence


Lilly Tomlin's characters:

Ernestine was a brash, tough and uncompromising telephone operator who generally treated customers with little sympathy

Edith Ann  ends her monologues with a noisy raspberry.

Tess/Trudy is a homeless bag lady who accosts theater-goers and various passers-by 

Michael York

Musketeer movies


The effects of conflict--political/national/international


Distraught over his region's defeat, over the following years he constructed a number of monuments celebrating French heroism in the defense against Germany. Among these projects was the Lion of Belfort, which he started working on in 1871, not finishing the massive sandstone statue until 1880   Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (Mars=Cupido)


Hugh Green BBC successfully modernized BBC despite opposition every step of the way in his career. Called the "devil incarnate" for provocative programming.  Attempts to force his resignation by hiring his enemy to be his boss. Earlier, he expelled from Germany as a war reprisal and yeas later his broadcasts were jammed by Russians; attempts to force his resignation by hiring his enemy to be his boss.  He edited several collections of stories about the rivals of Sherlock Holmes, collaborated with his brother Graham on Victorian Villanie

The planet at the midpoint indicates details--sometimes the content-- of the artistic activity.  In an artist's chart, a planet in the SR at the Mars/Cupido midpoint describes art activity that year. 

Contents of art work:



Experiences fighting Bolsheviks in pre-revolutionary Russia; a conflict with a friend provides intellectual stimulus for work (Gerhardie Futility (1922),


Novel is target of censors; #17on the list of 100 Most Frequently explicit content, particularly in terms of violence Alice Walker Color Purple


"Exuberant performances" George Melly

Scenes of popular life featuring acrobats, builders, divers, and country outings.destroyed his early works (Leger quincunx)

"Vituperative war of words" with publisher; "no compromise with the mob" Warlock (parties involved rough horseplay brought police internention


Beck: Wears a StarWars stormtrooper mask; in anti-folk movement

Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster"; "American Horror Story"


David O. Selznick adapted popular novels into movies

Gone with the Wind, Tale of Two Cities, etc.


N. Chiron=Mars/Cupido (22 1/2 -- 6' orb)
Artist worked from a wheelchair. Henri Matisse DOB 12/31/1869 8PM Le Cateau, France



Agatha Christie she begins training in music and gives up gave up her goal of performing professionally as a concert pianist or opera singer P. Neptune=Mars/Cupido exact (1905); her father died with the progression 1' orb

November 1901 

It can't be ignored that poisons were the centerpiece of her novels but not connected to the events at the time of Neptune=Mars/Cupido progression "activities as a hospital dispenser during both World Wars not only supported the war effort but also provided her with an appreciation of drugs as therapeutic agents and poisons ... These hospital experiences were also likely responsible for the prominent role physicians, nurses, and pharmacists play in her stories"


Character pushed into a crocodile infested swamp; plastic surgery repairs her face and body (Rebecca Gilling)

Played roles in "Red River", "Wild River", Place in the Sun (drowns his girlfriend); "Freud".  In real life, his mother spent her life trying to gain recognition of "alleged" relations.  (Montgomery Clift)

 Debussy Neptune=Mars/Cupido 64H "La Mer"

N. Neptune and Kronos=Mars/Cupido
Robert Blake had role as an undercover cop

Kronos=Mars/Cupido Painted Chairman Mao year after year
Wang Guodong DOB 6/25/1931


N. Apollon=Mars/Cupido (64H/7' or less) DOB 9/27/11 Marcey Jacobson, American photographer who photographed Mexico. She also had N. Cupido=Jupiter/Node (64H/approx 4')

N. Poseidon=Mars/Cupdio (semi octile 16' orb)
Musician with left-wing political messages in his songs, adored not just for music but his activism. José Afonso DOB 2 August 1929 at 10:30 AM Aveiro, Portugal


N. Hades=Mars/Cupido (semi octile  2' orb) Unrefined art

Rock critic Lester Bangs DOB 13 December 1948 at 22:58 Escondido CA, USA

(also Mercury=Venus/Apollon)

P. Zeus=Mars/Cupido 1 orb Bernard Cantat beat/killed Marie Trintingnant 


SR Hades=Mars Cupido worked with a hip-hop musical about Shakespeare.


T. Mars=Cupido=Vulcanus (1 day away from exact) 7/8/03
Striking French show biz workers

N. Ceres=Mars/Cupido
Both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake--is this the Mickey MOUSE Club?

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