Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Blue collar work, work with inner city community, crime. (N, P, SR/LR)

Billionaire Ted Turner born with the natal aspect; when the progression was exact, he was 12 years old and worked for his father doing menial work, had to pay for his own room and board.

N. Pluto=Mars/Hades
Financial crime (might be boss tweed)

N. Neptune=Mars/Hades
Carlina Renae White (7/15/1987 No TOB) Kidnapped in a hospital

Ceres=Vesta=Cupido=Aries=Mars/Hades (64H/approx 21' orb) DOB 10/31/1949
Started restaurant for squatters and yearly pop music festival. (Born into aristocracy)

Mercury=Mars/Hades is thoughts of suicide, in the Rules.

N. Mercury=Mars/Hades (64H/3' orb)
Nicholas Hughes DOB 17 January 1962 11:54 PM North Tawton, England, 50n48, 3w53

N. Mercury=Mars/Hades (22 1/2 - 8' orb)
Julian Armistead 10 August 1926 at 01:32AM New York NY

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