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The aspects that I looked for were Mercury/Admetos, Mercury/Neptune, Mercury/Hades and Mercury/Chiron

In a sample of 15 taken from Astrodatabank, note that several had more than one factor
e.g., both Mercury/Admetos and Mercury/Neptune in the same chart

Mercury/Admetos seen in 12 charts
4 had major aspects of Mercury/Admetos and no other factors
5 had major aspects and at least one other factor

2 had minor aspects but both had another factor (Mercury/Neptune or Mercury/Chiron)

1 had Mercury//Admetos with a wide orb of over 1 degree; plus another factor           

Mercury/Chiron in 5 charts
2 had Mercury/Chiron and no other factors
3 had Mercury/Chiron and other factors (Mercury/Admetos and or Mercury/Neptune)

Mercury/Neptune seen in 5 charts
2 had Mercury/Neptune and no other factors
2 others had both Mercury/Admetos and Mercury/Neptune
1 had a minor aspect of Mercury/Neptune and no other factors

Mercury/Hades in 3 charts
2 had Mercury/Hades and no other factors
1 had Mercury/Hades by minor aspect and no other factors (Mercury/Admetos or Mercury Neptune)
1 had Mercury/Hades and Mercury/Neptune

Mercury/Mars in 9 charts

8 had major aspects of Mercury/Mars
1 had minor aspect

All nine had one of the other factors

My take on this is that angry outbursts are attributed to many patients

More data
Progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disorder. 
N. Mercury=Neptune=Hades=Aries  DOB 7/6/1943

Born deaf; teaches deaf
September 14, 1937

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