Monday, December 23, 2019


From the standpoint of  events (rather than personality)\
Most common: financial events
Less common: mortality

T. Pluto square Sun
Pierre Joseph Proudhon anarchist:s plan to establish a bank which would provide credit at a very low rate of interest and issue "exchange notes" that would circulate in lieu of money based on gold.
... attempted to establish a popular bank (Bank du Peuple) early in 1849, but despite numerous adherents (perhaps as many as 13,267--mostly workers), receipts were meager (about 17,993F) and the whole enterprise was essentially stillborn.

P. Pluto//Sun
Autumn Jackson when she blackmailed Bill Cosby and was convicted.

Madelyn Murray O'Hair
Kidnapped, robbed and murdered
P. Sun conjunct P. Pluto approx 2' orb

T. Pluto conjunct natal Sun Pisces 1571
Michel de Montagne went into seclusion
T. Jupiter conjunct N. South node Pisces too

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