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  • Some healers
  • Injury, disfunction, crisis
T. Chiron conjunct Sun Pisces
Reince Priebus resigns in embarrassing situation

T. Chiron conjunct Sun Scorpio
William Rockefeller indicted for rape.  Sells family property to pay for costs  (John Rockfeller's father)

Gamal Abdel Nasser
T. Chiron conjunct N. Sun assassination attempt 10/26/1954

T. Chiron conjunct N. Sun
Lewis Carroll met Alice
T. Juno=T. Sun=T. Venus

P. Chiron square N. Sun 1' orb
His music school closes and he's outside and For the last forty four years of his life  Bernard Sarrette lived in retirement, in some type of disgrace. 

Aaron Copland supported the Communist Party when P. Sun was conjunct Chiron (Sept. 1938(

Charles H. Kaman was an innovator in the development and manufacture of helicopter technology and the inventor of one of the first electrically amplified acoustic guitars. Sun/Chiron=Aries (no more than 20' orb) DOB 6/15/1919 No TOB
Involved with disabled: founded the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, which trains German shepherds as guide dogs for the blind and the police.

Wounded healers; wounded people in general; horses

The last major conjunction to Chiron occurred on January 30th and; there was a ‘wounded healer’ event--in this case doctors and nurses with legal problems-- reported in the New York Times. Libyan Says 6 Won't Be Executed Libya will not execute five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor sentenced to death last month, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said in a newspaper interview, calling their trial ``unfair.'' and that a solution would be found soon to save the medics and satisfy families of the infected children, but he gave no details. A Libyan court had sentenced the nurses and the doctor for intentionally infecting hundreds of children with the HIV virus. Interestingly, around the same time there were also some events reported which involved wounds themselves as well as news about the safety of drugs.

On Janurary 29th, a $50 million high-tech rehabilitation center opened that is designed to serve the growing number of soldiers who return from war as amputees or with severe burns.

Also on January 29th, Barbaro (the racehorse) was euthanized after a struggle with an injury.

And that same day, the grand prize winner in a Competition for Young Inventors with original uses for bubble wrap won the prize for using bubble wrap as a cost-effective cosmetic skin covering for prosthetic limbs and will go to Africa to use it on patients. On January 30th--the day the conjunction was exact--it was reported that the number of American troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan had been incorrectly reported by the Veterans Affairs Department. Between January 30th (the day the conjunction was exact) and the following day, 2 news stores appeared which dealt with the safety of drugs: Tests of Drug to Block H.I.V. Infection Are Halted Over Safety Efforts to develop a topical microbicide to prevent H.I.V. infection during sex suffered a surprising setback when researchers announced that they had stopped two full-scale trials for safety reasons. F.D.A. Widens Safety Reviews on New Drugs, Critics Say More Changes Are Needed The Food and Drug Administration announced changes that were intended to ensure that marketed drugs are as safe as advertised, including the first effort to do a comprehensive assessment of the safety of drugs 18 months after introduction. The agency also announced the creation of an advisory panel.

Some P. Sun/Chiron pics
Shostakovich P. Sun//P. Chiron 2' orb.  1/28/1936  Article "Muddle Instead of Music".  He attended a Bolshoi performance of his own Lady Macbeth work.  In letters, he recounted the horror with which he watched as Stalin shuddered every time the brass played too loudly...laughted at the love-making scene..eyewitnesses say he was 'white as a sheet' when he went to take his bow.  A bad review in Pravda "Muddle Instead of Music" was thought to have been instigated by Stalin and after that his income fell by three quarters.  Also T. Mars was conjunct Saturn making a 22 1/2 degree aspect to his natal Sun/Asd which was on the Pallas/Chiron midpoint (SEE PALLAS/CHIRON BLOG ENTRY). 

John Belushi
P. Sun square P. Chiron (2' past exact) when he died
The more evident picture was transiting Uranus square natal Saturn=natal Saturn/Uranus picture.

Here's an abandoned child:
Frances Dauphin France  P. Sun=P. Chiron 64H
Father sent him to prison instead so father wouldn't have to be imprisoned


?? Harry Truman Sun//Chiron

Rudolph Nureyev Natal Sun square Chiron 22' orb

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