Sunday, August 5, 2007


N. Moon=Node=Neptune=Chiron (64H/35')
Murderer of nurses. Richard Speck DOB 12/6/1941 1am Kirkwood, IL wide orb, but it's the moon that's the widest orb but central to the event.

Steven Spielberg P. Chiron conjunct Moon exact in early 1967.   When Chiron was 5' from the Moon, his parents divorced, his father got "custody" (he was 19) and his mother moved to another state with his sisters.

Kaylee Anthony T. Chiron=N. Moon
Mother murdered her (also T. Chiron conjunct T. North Node conjunct Kaylee's Dsc)

Princess Beatrice's P. Chiron was 5' from conjunct her Moon when her parents divorced.  She continued to live with her mother.

Marshall Applewhite (Heaven's Gate suicides) had a female partner who died when P. Chiron was 6' from exact conjunction to Moon.  But P. Chiron moved so slowly that it wasn't exact for 2 years after she died.

Rudolph Bing P. Chiron conjunct Moon--left Germany/Nazi's in 1934

John Coltrane P. Chiron conjunct N. Moon (5' orb)...he dies.

Prince Juan De Borbon N. Chiron conjunct Moon tight orb
Hemophelia carried from his mother to his brother and sister.

George Carlin N. Chiron conjunct Moon 7' orb.  That's 7 minutes orb.
 Carlin's mother separated from his father when George was two months old.  Wife died at age 61.  Remarried.  Very happy marriages. 

Joe DiMaggio N. Chiron conjunct Moon (11' orb) =Neptune less than 1 degree orb.  This certainly seems to describe Monroe.   He first saw her photo when P. Chiron=Moon/Neptune.

When P. Chiron was conjunct N. Moon exactly in 1934, his career almost ended when he tore ligaments in his knee  Despite that his contract was sold to the NY Yankees that year.  The wound makes sense during a Chiron contact... but the Moon??? 

N. Moon=Venus=Chiron=Vesta --Mother of children infected with AIDS contaminated blood given in transfusions.  9/6/1967 11am la tronche france

Vaclav Havel Moon=Venus=Uranus=Chiron (see Uranus/Chiron)

Hitler Moon=Chiron
Neice (love of his life) committed suicide; Eva Braun (girlfriend) attempted suicide 2x

Natalie Wood
P. Chiron=N. Moon exact (22 1/2)
she died

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