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Leona Helmsley Pluto/Vesta=Aries

Prince Charles
Property empire Duchy of Cornwall, formed in 1337 to provide the royal heir with an an estate that, among other things, pays for the upkeep of his country mansion and furnished £5 million last year for the families of Harry and his older brother, Prince William.
Formed in 1337 to provide the royal heir with an income,

Mark Zuckerberg N. Sun=Vesta=Vulcanus
T. Pluto station just hit off picture; he buys land in Hawaii

Benjamin Franklin Pluto=Vesta=Hades
First homeowner's insurance

Jailed for perjury about home loan
Patrick Lynn Swindal Oct. 18, 1950
N. Pluto square Vesta 1 degree orb

Here's an interesting illustration where Pluto/Vesta corresponds with a cemetery:
Chairman Mao - T. Pluto conjunct N. Vesta/Chiron conjunction
The cemetery of Confucius was attacked (desecrated) by Red Guards November 1966
T. Cupido was conjunct T. Poseidon and for some of the month T. Vesta was part of the conjunction 
Vesta/Poseidon also corresponds with cemeteries.

Anthony Drexel N. Vesta=Mars=Saturn=Pluto=Cupido
T. Pluto triggered it.  
He bought the most expensive piece of real estate ever.
On October 30, 1872 The Sun complained “From the inception of this building up to the present time a series of discomfort and disasters have been of almost daily occurrence.”  The newspaper’s assessment was sparked by the worst calamity yet.

On Tuesday October 29 a worker recklessly tossed a piece of lumber from a third floor window.  The hunk of wood struck and killed a pedestrian.  “It is to be hoped this will put an effectual check upon the carelessness which has marked the course of the progress of this building from the start, and that the proper authorities will investigate to-day’s calamity,”
One thing stood in the way of the purchase: alot of the property was owned by a family of brothers who could not agree about the price but it turned out fine for everyone.  

Mercury//Pluto//Vesta Brother inherited family home DOB 6/15/1690

In the news:

7/10/2003 T. Pluto=T. Vesta=T. Ceres
Gov. Jim Doyle has pledged to use his veto power to restore $23 million tax credit for farmers.
4/26/2006 T. Vesta=Pluto (22 1/2) Supreme Court Rules in Property Takeover Case that Arkansas officials were wrong to take away a man's home for nonpayment of real estate taxes.

4212008 T. Vesta square Pluto Judge resigns days afer suspension for fraudulent property transfer.

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