Thursday, July 26, 2007


Work in progress

N. Neptune=Vulcanus=Chiron (22 1/2 w 35' orb)
Chiron=Neptune/Vulcanus forms a tight aspect
Steve Irwin DOB 2/22/1962 1AM Australia

N. Mars=Neptune/Vulcanus (22 1/2 w 5' orb)
Complete picture Mars=Cupido=Aries=Neptune/Vulcanus (64H/20' orb)
Esther Williams DOB 8/8/1921 9:39am Inglewood CA

N. Neptune//Vulcanus
Inventor of Miltown DOB 6/25/1913 No apparent Neptune/Admetos picture.

P. Vulcanus=N. Neptune (64H/exact)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg diagnosed with cancer 2/09
DOB 3/15/1933 12PM Brooklyn NY

? Super secret?
Betsy Bloomingdale  married Alfred Bloomingdale
later turned out to be s and m guy caused a scandal with mistress

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