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MIDPOINTS: Neptune/Admetos

This is almost always drugs or alcohol.
BUT just found another possibility: Water-repellent Inventor of Goretex April 15, 1937

Amy Winehouse Jupiter=Neptune=Admetos=Hades (NO TOB) but still reliable.

Philip Seymour Hoffman N. Jupiter=Neptune/Admetos; SR Vulcanus=Neptune/Admetos 64H

Willie Nelson Neptune=Admetos=Aries 64H/5' orb
Neptune=Aries 1' orb major aspect

William M. Fine, Who Helped Shape Drug Laws
N. Neptune=N. Admetos within minutes.  DOB 7/1/1926

Robert W. Fogel, historian and scientist.  Now Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of American Institution.  Charles R. Walgreen himself (10/9/1872), the founder of the modern drugstore had Neptune/Admetos=Aries.

Hans Werner Henze's composer.  The main character in his first work of real note was a drug addict.  Another opera was about Dionysis, god of wine (and the revelry that often follows).  The content of artists' work is almost always symbolized in their horoscope. 

Carl Hahn (Volkswagen chief) couldn't find Neptune/Admetos activity 

Saturn=Neptune/Admetos (64H/approx 4') DOB 6/19/1948
Nick Drake died from an overdose of a prescribed antidepressant; he was 26 years old.

Hunter S. Thompson Natal Neptune/Admetos=Aries
and Neptune square Vulcanus 4' orb

P. Saturn=Neptune/Admetos in Hitler's chart when Eva Braun attempts suicide with barbiturates

Recovered heroin addict N. Neptune=Admetos (64H/approx 8') DOB 6/11/1960
The whole picture was: N. Mars=Neptune=Admetos=Pallas=Chiron=Vulcanus(=Kronos)(64H/less than 32' orb) I don't usually use a 32' orb for 64th H. but the picture was descriptive; not just an addict himself, he worked to help other addicts recover.

N. Neptune=Admetos (135/4)DOB 4/27/1926
Ernest McCulloch MD, Crucial Figure in Stem Cell Research
I usually associate Zeus/Admetos with stem cells. He had Node=Zeus/Admetos (major aspect/35')but that's not too compelling.

N. Sun=Hades=Chiron=Neptune/Admetos (64/12')
Dutch citizen Johannes van Damme hanged at Singapore’s Changi Prison for drug trafficking.

Lance Armstrong P. Neptune=Admetos (64H/1' orb) No TOB
I've checked AM and PM charts and the result is the same.

Michael Jackson SR for death Venus=Neptune/Admetos (22 1/2)
Not sure why it's Venus

Tatum O'Neal when she was busted (6/1/2008). Not as clear any other way.

N. Neptune=Admetos (64H/approx 4' orb)
Drugs derailed promising music career. "I thought one used heroin to play like Charlie Parker played". DOB 12/23/1933

N. Neptune=Admetos (22 1/2 approx 16' orb) Britney Spears DOB 12/2/1981 1:30AM Mississippi

Here's a good example of the value of the 64th harmonic (small dot on the dial)
Hubert de Montille, an influential grape grower and winemaker who revived his family’s holdings to make it one of the leading estates in the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy, France
DOB 10/25/1930 Natal Neptune=Admetos=Vesta=Jupiter (no time of birth but really close orb/SEE NEPTUNE/ADMETOS for more)

N. Cupido=Neptune/Admetos (22 1/2)  Bill W. founded AA. DOB 11/26/1895 3am Dorset VT

N. Saturn=Neptune/Admetos (64H/approx 9' orb) Inventor of Thorazine DOB 10/14/1920

N. Kronos=Neptune/Admetos (22 1/2 amost exact) "Drug king" DOB 2/11/1934

LR Sun=Neptune/Admetos (64/1' orb) Tatum O'Neal when she was busted (6/1/2008). Not as clear any other way.

Between 2008 and 2010, T Neptune square T. Admetos.  This was written at that time.

The recent proliferation of planets in Pisces or in aspect to Neptune, including Neptune -sq- Admetos between 2008 and the last half of 2010, distinguishes this period by the frequency, size and singularity of events involving health in general (Pisces and Neptune) as well as drugs --more specifically symbolized by Neptune/Admetos. Between 2009-2010, six of the ten major drug companies recalled harmful drugs, settled lawsuits or paid the largest fines in history, in part the result of an FDA crackdown on “off-label marketing”– persuading physicians to prescribe drugs for purposes other than for their approved uses–such as marketing anti-psychotics for children with behavioral problems and nursing home patients with dementia. The increase in prescription drug use since 2008 spurred the DEA effort “Take Back Your Drugs Day” on September 25, 2010 (the orb of the square was 14’) when a ton of pills was collected in the small state of West Virginia alone.

Medical marijuana became legal in New Jersey when the square was exact.

There was also very good news when the Neptune/Admetos square was within 6’ of orb: AIDS drugs became more available to afflicted 3rd world children and success with a drug protecting healthy individuals from contracting HIV was reported. With the square still within 7’ of orb, lifesaving results of a drug to treat melanoma, but still in clinical trial, set the stage for “an unprecedented situation….requiring regulatory flexibility”.

There were many many drug related events when Neptune/Admetos were exact.

  • The manufacturers of botox paid a $600 million dollar fine for off label use.
  • GlaxoSmithKline paid $750 million for selling contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective antidepressant.  
  • Drug makers laid of thousands of employees
  • The head of Pfizer stepped down
  • Survey reports drug use at an all time high; first national Take Back Day where people dropped off unused pills to 4,000 drop off locations
  • "New drugs stir debate on basic rules of clinical trials" 
  • other news including lawsuits and failures of drugs for diabetes, heart, acid reflux, kidney, anemia; 3 weight loss drugs in one month (report of 500 patients dying as a result of drug for diabetes and weight loss)
  • "A bad news days for drug can almost hear the moaning coming from the drug industry.  9/16/ 2010 
  • "In only the 2nd elimination of a disease in history" Rinderpest has been declared wiped off the face of the earth
  • AIDS breakthrough
  • Drug to treat Lupus 
  • New meningitis vaccine
Neptune/Admetos also symbolizes recreational drugs and alcohol. Because the square was tight at several points between September and November of 2010, it appeared in many individuals’ solar returns–including that of the actor Charlie Sheen (natal MC= Neptune/Admetos). Neptune/Admetos  also appears in the chart of Bill W. the founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), along with Mars, Saturn, Cupido and Zeus, and in the chart of Francis Ford Coppola – the film maker of The Godfather who is also a vineyard owner and winemaker.

During this Neptune/Admetos square, Saturn was also quincunx Neptune
Here was the news 6/28/2010
 FDA urging meat producers to limit antibiotics given to animals to reduce antibiotic resistance.

But it's not the only way drugs are presented.
José Rodrigo Arechiga, chief enforcer for drug trafficking organization
Mars=Zeus=Saturn=Neptune=Cupido 5 degrees orb 6/15/1980
Cupido ties them all together

Sun=Neptune/Admetos 64H/no greater than 30' orb'

3/27/1984 4:50 AM

Heiniken Beer Family
Leo Van Munching, Jr. Neptune=Cupido=Admetos
DOB 4/7/1926

Lucrezia Borgia poisoned drinks Sun=Neptune=dmetos=Aries major aspect

al Biruni's most important work was a major pharmacopoeia, the "Kitab al-saydala fi al-tibb" (Book on the Pharmacopoeia of Medicine), sun=neptune/admetos major aspect

maimonides dedicated thick volume about drug names
t. neptune sp admetos settling in Fez in Morocco. During this time, he composed his acclaimed commentary on the Mishnah, during the years 1166–1168.[26]
Following this sojourn in Morocco, together with two sons,[27] he sojourned in the Holy Land, before settling in Fustat, Egypt around 1168 
davinci relocated during neptune/admetos progression

theory: water obstruction
Abraham Lincoln patent relates to an invention to lift boats over shoals and obstructions in a river.

There is some incidence of home change/relocation with Neptune Admetos
I don't understand why.  It happened to Gallileo on a progression and Maimonides on a transit (both had natal picture)
Same kind of thing happened to chemist  Roald Hoffman -  migrated to US on a ship on a transit.  +natal.  Hoffman was born the same day as druggie/drinker Hunter S. Thompson

Some chemists have it: Angela Merkel and aforementioned Roald Hoffman (born the same day as druggie/drinker Hunter S. Thompson)

??MC ESCHER infinity?
he had health problems his whole life but we don't know what kind

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