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MIDPOINTS: Hades/Kronos

Royal crimes; presidential crimes

. "Bloody Mary" Queen of England Hades=Kronos=Chiron

Henry VII illegality and rulership
dated his reign as starting on 21 August 1485, or the day before the Battle of Bosworth. This allowed Henry to seize lands and properties for the crown from nobles who had fought alongside Richard III.   tThe records of his coronation falsified.  Natal Hades=Kronos
This could have been Neptune/Kronos too

Donald Trump Sun=Hades/Kronos.  Pardoned criminals who worked for him.
Let's see if he become illegitimate president.

Appears in a couple of the charts of the VP's who became president after the president died or left office. Afflicted authority?

William Henry Harrison /John Tyler
Zachery Taylor/Fillmore Hades//Kronos
Wm. McKinley/Roosevelt Mars=Hades/Kronos
Henry Wallace/Roosevelt He didn't even succeed him.
Gerald Ford Mars=Hades/Kronos
SR Hades=Kronos (64H) when Nixon resigned Ford became President

Others kinds of Hades
John Adams ambassador to European countries
had a really hard time in Netherlands.
Sun=Hades=Apollon=Kronos  (also Jupiter/Kronos=Aries)

Sadaam Hussein had natal Jupiter=Hades=Kronos.

When Mao took over in 1945, Deng had P. Chiron station=Hades/Kronos

Lisa Murkowski natal Hades=Kronos

Mata Hari Sun=Hades/Kronos
Pat Shipman's biography Femme Fatale argues that Mata Hari was never a double agent, speculating that she was used as a scapegoat by the head of French counter-espionage. Georges Ladoux had been responsible for recruiting Mata Hari as a French spy and later was arrested for being a double agent himself.

N. Hades=Kronos=Pluto=Node (also=Uranus=Zeus) 64H/20'orb)
Sen. Ted Stevens convicted for accepting but not reporting gifts & home renovations DOB 11/18/1923

N. Hades=Kronos=Pluto=Aries (64H/8' orb)
Resigned his seat in Congress and was imprisoned for taking a bribe in the Abscam investigation DOB 5/19/1938

N. Hades=Kronos=Aries (64H) DOB 7/6/1921
Twins who played Prince and the Pauper in movie.

Pallas=Hades/Kronos seem among spies; (also Saturn/Poseidon; some Pallas/Hades general scams)
. Harold James Nicholson also Saturn=Vulcanus=Zeus=Poseidon Nov 17, 1950
. John Anthony Walker 64H July 28, 1937 also Saturn=Zeus=Mars=Hades
. Aldrich Ames 5/24/1941 Pallas=Hades/Kronos 64H 5' orb also Mars=Node=Saturn=Admetos=Vulcanus=Poseidon)

N. Vulcanus=Hades/Kronos (22 1/2 approx 10' orb) DOB 8/5/1940 Head of Justice Dept's internal investigations dealing with eithical lapses by the nation's highest official. Also had N. Kronos=Chiron (22 1/2 approx 9' orb)

William and Kate temporarily broke up 4/07.  She had P. Saturn=Hades/Kronos (no tob, but they don't move quickly)

Hades/Kronos may also be pretended authority

?? John Adams natal + Prog. exact when he was president and when he left presidency.
He had criticism,  maybe more than most, but the Hades/Kronos picture???

Wrote a book about his years in the CIA DOB 1/23/1929
Mercury=Kronos semi octile
also Hades/Kronos=Aries A legal battle erupted over its publication and would have far-reaching implications, establishing that government employees who have access to classified information can be enjoined for the rest of their lives from disclosing it or discussing it, even after they leave the government.

Mafia leaders, master criminals

. “Master of Horror” N. Sun=Hades=Kronos  (H.P. Lovecraft)
.  Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin Sun=Hades=Kronos
(<47 orb="" span=""> ) 

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Hades/Kronos contact is exact

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