Friday, July 27, 2007


Problematic conditions occur at a distance
Problematic=a euphemism for Hades; means poor to murderous.
2 of the examples were killed on a trip.

Problematic conditions are widespread

The spread of something awful, including disease

Hitler N. Hades=Apollon (64H/exact)
Princess Diana died in a foreign country; her association with unfortunates around the world
Pres. JFK ?? PT experience; problems with international relations?
David Rosenberg 64H (Russian spy)

N. Hades=Apollon (=Node =Kronos) (64H/approx 20' orb) DOB 4/8/1919
Prime Minister of Rhodesia overseeing the worst that British colonialism had to offer. see Kronos/Apollon

Julian Assange Sun=Hades/Apollon

John Adams ambassador to European countries
had a really hard time in Netherlands.
Sun=Hades=Apollon=Kronos  (also Jupiter/Kronos=Aries)

Famous for something questionable (also Chiron/Apollon)
like eating contest winners famous for unhealthy practice

Visit to a poor country/country with problems

“What dazzled me about the Chinatown I researched was that these were people who had escaped from famine and war and came to a place that didn’t want them,”  Wayson Choy, who wrote of the Chinese-Canadian experience  1/20/1939

Another picture for 3rd world conditions?
Flexner involved with health issues in Puerto Rico DOB March 23 1963\

Historian who wrote of downside of colonization N. Saturn//Apollon//Hades
dob 4/23/1939 no tob

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