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Animals at war
Food and war (including protest)
Heat and food, spicy food
Reproduction, fertility, genes

Ceres=Zeus major aspect 22' orb
Chiron=Ceres/Zeus (64H/4')
Presented on TV the first cloning of embryonic calves and explained the test-tube babies in the show "The Baby of 2000
Laurent Broomhead DOB 2/5/1954 2:30AM France

N. Ceres conjunct Zeus (30' orb) DOB 1/10/1949 9:15pm Marshall TX
George Foreman associated with the George Foreman Grill

Ferdinand I Austria genetic disease (opposition 38' orb)
Francois Jacob research DNA and RNA transferred genetic info (Ceres/Zeus=Aries)
Prince Alfonso Asturias genetic disease parents intermarriage (C/Z =Aries 64H/exact)
When genetic problems exists, Ceres/Admetos appears to be an ingredient as well

In the news:

May 13, 2020 Ceres=Zeus (=Mercury)
Kabul attack on maternity clinic

Ceres=Zeus (22 1/2) 3/11/2003
Repub. Representitives declared that all references to French fries and French Toast sold in House of Representatives would be replaced with "freedom fries".

Ceres=Zeus=Ademtos 7/25/2006
Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls

N. Mercury=Ceres=Zeus=Admetos
"Twins" born at the same time but conceived separately, delivered prematurely, the result of superfetation.
DOB 4/16/2007 But another set of 'twins', also the result of superfetation, did not share the symbolism. Their Mercury picture (describing events with sibling) was Mercury=Chiron=Zeus. DOB 5/4/2007 6:32-6:33PM England

P. Mercury=Ceres/Zeus
Friend's neighbor had proliferation of vermin.

T. Ceres octile my N. Zeus--I try a caffeinated product called "military gum"

Ceres/Zeus=animal aggression
T. Ceres conjunct T. Zeus
Owls terrorizing Dutch town

Herbert Hoover N. conjunction
Supervised how people should eat during war time "meatless mondays" "wheatless wedsnesdays"
So soldiers could eat better.

Cesar Chavez Mars=Ceres=Zeus tight aspect fought for rights of migrant workers 

Food war: Food market owner "Known as troublemaker for cannibalizing other food retailers' trade...sued manufacturers who refused to sell to him" (*)  (Eduoard LeClerc N. Ceres=Mars=Zeus=Kronos 1o 30' orb)

Literal cannibalism: preferred to kill by biting victims' necks
turned victims into sausages
October 25, 1879 6PM Hanover Germany 

Another aspect for smoking Red Skelton N. Ceres/Zeus
 triggered by transiting Ceres/Zeus
 “Raleigh Cig Program” 10/7/1941
 “Raleigh Cig Program” 10/7/1941

Edward Bernys
ad campaign to get women to smoke
N. Venus=Ceres=Zeus

Food fight: Catherine of Sienna wouldn’t eat her family’s food
(she also had Ceres/Chiron associated with starvation and eating disorders)
(she also had Ceres/Chiron associated with starvation and eating disorders)

“Nut rage”
on an airplane

Shinzo Abe's wife opened a restaurant
His mother "was aghast"
He's got natal Ceres=Zeus
Part of a big picture: Mars=Ceres=Zeus=Kronos=Poseidon

Zeus and fever:
Hanhemann developed homeopathy by infecting himself with tree bark and developed the fever (and other symptoms) of malaria

Nickname “Hawk’s Claw”; hunted lions; wrote about wild animals 

Peter Beard photographer "catches all the saw-toothed savagery of the animals who must show each day that they are fit to survive.”  Ceres//Zeus//Kronos less than 1 degree orb  DOB 1/22 1938 

?? Jan Żabiński Ceres=Zeus
During the German air assault on Warsaw in September 1939, many animal enclosures had been emptied and the zoo specimens taken elsewhere. The Żabińskis decided to utilize the clean pens, cages, and stalls as the hiding places for fleeing Jews.[8] Over the course of three years, hundreds of Jews found temporary shelter in these abandoned cages on the eastern bank of the Vistula River until finding refuge elsewhere  "THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE"

Horses  Sun=Vulcanus=Ceres=Zeus major aspect
the Ceres and Zeus are semi-octile 45' orb

Cattle Breeder
Ceres inconjunct Zeus DOB 8/5/1914 England

??Baked goods?
Creator of Pillsbury doughboy N. Ceres/Zeus=Mars and Aries

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