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MIDPOINTS: Ceres/Admetos

Limited diet; food that's small (like seeds; beans, raisins, tapas). In the charts of many habitual dieters. (scroll down for reproduction delineation)

N. Ceres/Admetos=Aries (64H/3') Johnny Appleseed DOB 9/26/1775N.

N. Ceres=Admetos
Arthur Rimbaud worked with coffee beans; a pioneer in the coffee biz

N. Ceres/Admetos=Aries (64/5) first to chronicle for American readers the culinary tradition of tapas bars. DFOB 5/25/1943

N. Mercury=Ceres/Admetos (64H/4' w Sun 15' away) Wrote Raisin in the Sun. DOB 5/19/1930 8:04PM Chicago, IL.

N. Ceres/Admetos=Aries
Peanut farmer DOB 3/29/1937 12:30am Georgia

N. Ceres=Admetos (64) Isabelle Caro died of anoerexia DOB 9/12/1982

N. Ceres=Admetos (64) Isabelle Caro died of anoerexia DOB 9/12/1982

N. (Jupiter) = Ceres=Admetos 922 1/2 w 37' orb) Bulemic DOB 1/1/1929 12:45PM Wash. DC

N. Neptune=Ceres/Admetos Al Roker. He had his stomach stapled when T. Neptune was at this point. But Carny Wilson doesn't have the picture.

N. Ceres/Admetos=Aries (64H/10') and Natal Ceres=Admetos (22 1/2 w 30' orb) Work inspired millions to make more vegetarian choices. DOB 2/10/1944 2AM Pendleton OR

Natal Ceres=Admetos (=Uranus=Hades=Node=Cupido) by major aspect/within 2 degree orb Affinity for the low-bred led to publication of White Trash Cooking, his company's only profitable publication. (DOB 3/8/1929) Using a wide orb here--2 degrees--but the points are all 45/135 each other & show up clearly as a picture on the dial

N. Neptune=Ceres/Admetos IBD limited diet.

N. Ceres/Admetos=Aries (64H/11') Francis Moore Lappe Wrote “Diet for a Small Planet” which gave rise to increased consciousness about food choices and their effects on a global scale. She describes her teen-age-self as a compulsive eater. DOB 2/10/1944 2AM Pendleton, Oregon

N. Ceres=Admetos (semesquare/approx 13' orb) Bulemic DOB 12/21/1989 (NT)

St. Lydwine of Schiedam Ceres/Admetos=Saturn
St. Lydwine was bedridden from age 15, when she broke a rib, endured a lifelong illness which was recognized to be of supernatural origin. Her body became covered with sores and abscesses and virtually came apart into three pieces-symbolically representing the condition of the Church. She ate no food except Holy Communion

Knut Hamsun
Ceres=Admetos semi-octile exact

This was unexplainable: the owner of La Grenouille had Ceres=Cupido=Admetos.  Snails/Escargot??
In the news:
3/11/2008 Protest of a tax on soy and sunflower seeds caused traffic jams and depleted stores 3 weeks after the contact.

NYC bans foix gras
T. Ceres=Admetos semi octile

Ingress chart 6/20/2020
Mysterious seeds from China

.   Birth control
Annie Besant, arrested for publishing birth control material

  Empress Josephine P. Ceres=P. Admetos exactly, both are 1' from Mars
She and Napoleon divorce because she can't have kids
(T. Ceres conjunct N. Saturn (=Saturn/Kronos) 


Both Ceres and Zeus  have some correspondence with procreation, in which gene transmission is inherent.   In a small sample of the charts of geneticists, the most common aspect was Ceres with Zeus in aspect or in a midpoint picture, followed by Ceres with Admetos.  Due to the diminutive attribute of Admetos,  Ceres/Admetos seems to describe the microscopic size of the genetic material.  (Scroll down for stats.)

The chart of Nobel Prize winner, Barbara McClintock, awarded for her work in "mobile genetic elements" (she was a Gemini) contains a conjunction of the Sun and Ceres, part of a larger picture of  picture of Ceres=Zeus=Admetos, with an orb between 15'  and 1 degree 10' at its widest (chart below).  The picture also falls on the Kronos/Vulcanus midpoint, describing the prestige of the Nobel Prize, and the Neptune/Poseidon midpoint, the meaning of which I can only guess may describe the wrongly placed skepticism ("erroneous ideas") which met her research, resulting in a 30 year pause in her writing.   

*In a sample of 11 geneticists (including McClintock):
7 had Ceres/Zeus in aspect or midpoint picture to Sun, AP, ASD or MC
5 had Ceres/Admetos (+3 additional by minor aspect)
4 had both Ceres/Zeus and Ceres/Admetos (major aspect only)
6 had Sun in aspect to Ceres by major aspect

*Data for geneticists
Avanzi, Enrico January 19, 1988 1:05AM  Solarino, Italy Ceres/Admet.=Aries 32' orb; Ceres=Admet. 64H 17' orb

Buzzati-Traverso, Adriano  April 6, 1913 4:45AM Milano, Italy Ceres=Admetos 64H/12' orb;   Ceres/Zeus=Venus/Mars/Pluto (not included in stats which only used personal pts); Sun=Ceres=Jupiter=Saturn=Pallas 59' orb

Jacob, Francois June 17, 1920 10PM Nancy, France  Ceres/Zeus=Aries 17' orb; Ceres=Admetos 64H/15' orb
Ceres=Apollon 25' orb (not in stats)

Jacquard, Albert December 25,1925 5PM Leon, France  Ceres/Zeus=Aries 53' orb;
Ceres=Admetos 64H/6' orb; Sun//Ceres

Lejeune, Jerome June 13, 1926 7:30AM Montrogue, France  Ceres/Zeus=ASD/Moon/Mercury 24' orb (AA-rated chart); Sun=Ceres 22' orb; Ceres=Pluto (not in stats)

Montalenti, Giuseppi December 3, 1904 3AM Asti, Italy  Sun=Ceres/Admetos 59' orb; ASD=Ceres/Zeus 21' orb (AA-rated chart)

Neel, James Vangunia March 22, 1915 4PM Hamilton, Ohio  Aries=Sun=Ceres=Admetos 4 degree orb (this orb is wide, but the planets are in a wide conjunction, clustered at the Aries Point)
Thomas, Rene April 15, 1928 4:30AM Ixelles, Belgium Ceres//Zeus 35' orb; Ceres=Pluto (not in stats)

Turpin, Raymond November 5, 1895 8AM Pontoise, France Ceres/Admetos=Aries; Ceres opposite Zeus 34' orb (Ceres-Cupido=Zeus=Kronos)

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