Friday, July 27, 2007


One of the professional midpoint pictures. A planet on the midpoint of Aries/Pallas (Aries/Pallas=X) often symbolizes profession, especially by 22 1/2 aspect or greater.


N. Pallas/Juno=Aries (64H/4' orb)
CoCo Chanel DOB 8/19/1883 4pm Saumer, France

N. Pallas/Kronos=Aries
GWB (64H/exact)
Bill Clinton (64H/20' orb)

N. Uranus/Pallas=Aries or Aries/Pallas=Uranus in charts of electrical engineers, scientists

N. Ceres=Aries/Pallas (22 1/2 w 15' orb) Pastry manufacturer DOB 10/7/1934 6pm Italy
N. Ceres=Aries/Pallas (64H/exact) DOB 7/7/1904 1:21AM France Simone Beck, collaborated with Julia Child on the "Art of French Cooking"

N. Ceres=Aries/Pallas (22 1/2 w 21' orb) DOB 3/23/1923 8:55AM UK James Barber "Urban Peasant" cooking show

N. Aries/Pallas=Ceres (64H/3' orb) DOB 4/17/1971 9:15AM France Ludovic Lefevbre owner/chef L'Orangerie

SA Aries=Aries/Pallas (plus Jupiter/Pallas and Mercury) Husband gets job doesn't take it.

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