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Religion or school of thought with a small following.  Religious minority.; sect
Short periods of religious activity (re-conversion)

Ramakrisna was his guru; Kali worship sect

SR Admetos=Poseidon=Aries
GWB became president. I think Admetos/Poseidon is religious right.

Ramakrishna Kali worshipper

Therese of Lisieux "The Little Way", basics to living spiritually

Joseph Smith Founder of Mormons

Discovered "Book of Morman" 9/22/1927 P. Mercury=Admetos/Poseidon 1' orb (major aspect)

Mary Queen of Scots Admetos/Poseidon=Aries (near Pluto and Saturn)

Pio Padre, saint and stigmatist was a member of an ascetic Catholic sect, the Capuchin order. Born with natal Jupiter (14’ orb) and Vulcanus (precisely) on the Admetos/Poseidon midpoint, when he received the Visible Stigmata--which was to last for 50 years-- progressed Sun=Admetos/Poseidon (12’ orb). DOB 5/25/1887 4:10PM Pietrelcina, Italy Date of Stigmata 9/20/1918

Paul Verlaine Mars=Admetos=Poseidon
Member of a group of poets with ideological leaning; became a communard for a short period, abandoned and then reconverted to Catholocism. 

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extensive data on religious sects

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