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.  SHORT PEOPLE, short careers,
.  Minutae; obsessive about details, extreme perfectionist

. Some incidence of obscurity and low attendance; focus on personal privacy

Yvonne DeGaulle was reputed to be very discreet; as such, despite numerous appearances, she never gave any radio or televised interviews, and the broader public never learned the sound of her voice.
Chiron=Admetos I guess this

Mary Queen of Scots
Queen of France for one year (I guessed this when I read it)

8/4/1963 "A backstage fixture"  i guessed this

Robert Hooke Sun=Chiron/Admetos
Scientist; early microscope; early minute astronomical calculations; first to observe fossils under microscope  'However trivial a thing,' he says, 'a rotten shell may appear to some, yet these monuments of nature are more certain tokens of antiquity than coins or medals:"  No verified photos remain.

Louise Elisabeth D'Orleans Node=Kronos=Chiron/Admetos
Queen of Spain for less than 1 year
Her husband King Louis of Spain had Saturn=Chiron/Admetos (37' orb)

Umberto last king of Italy, 41 days 
Louis Montbatten last Viceroy of India about 2 years

Henry V king of France for a few days

Seen by few people; obscure
Queen of Egypt, husband kept her in confinement
Natal Chiron opposite Admetos 2 degree orb
Venus=Chiron/Admetos <34 font="" orb="">
Nazli Sabri 6/25/1894
(She got back at him when he died; sold his clothes to a second hand store)

Neptune inconjunct Chiron
The French writer Maurice Blanchot, who has died aged 95, was not so much a private person, it was almost as if he was perpetually absent. He lived in isolated places, such as the village of Eze-Village, in the south, or Mesnil Saint Denis, in the Yvelines, where he died. He never appeared on radio or television, never spoke in public and did not allow himself to be photographed. One biographer, Christophe Bident, entitled his book Maurice Blanchot: Invisible Partner.

Magazine headline: "The Obscurity of Mate Pavic, the Best Doubles Player in the World"
N. Chiron=Admetos (64H)

Diminutive People
Jack Ma of Alibaba, Jeff Bezos, Marcos, David Spade, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf,
Anthony Fauci; J.M. Barrie 5' tall

but...there are exceptions PM of Australia Gough 6'4.  (natal Chiron//Admetos)
Ferdinand Marcos physically diminutive
Also: his serving the needs of small groups of his constituents had a negative impact on econ.

David Spade Sun=Chiron/Admeots 40' orb

Mickey Rooney Sun=Chiron/Admetos 64H/6' orb

Some evidence this sometimes corresponds with a health issue that involves a small part of the body, e.g., sinus.

Small penis:
Howard Stern (says it about himself)
Mick Jagger (Keith Richards' book mentions it)
King Farouk

Obsessive about details; perfectionist
Streisand (recluse)
George Sanders (bio calls him extreme perfectionist)

Rachel Ingalls   shied from the limelight
T. Pluto hit the picture and she got famous for a short time before she died.

T. Chiron=N. Admetos Emperor Hirohito 1/16/1947
Imperial Household Law: legislation governing the Imperial Household into compliance with the American-written Constitution.
The law had the effect of dramatically restricting membership in the Imperial Family to the Emperor Hirohito's immediate family, his widowed mother, and the families of his three brothers

Jake Burton Carpenter
Chiron=Admetos 64H/15' orb
DOB 4/29/1954 no tob
Snowboarding reached a major milestone when it became an Olympic sport, debuting at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. But the way it was accepted by the Olympic establishment did not please Mr. Carpenter.
The International Ski Federation did not inform him, one of the sport’s pioneer figures, of the sport’s entrance into the Olympics, he said. And when he arrived at the snowboarding venue he was chagrined to see a sign that said, “Sno-Boarding.”
“It was not a cool moment at all,” he said.

"Famous but seldom seen" Bill W, N. Chiron=Admetos 64H
Barbra Streisand The Streisand Effect: Why Censorship Leads to the Spread of Information - In 2003, Barbra Streisand made a grave miscalculation.

She attempted to sue photographer Kenneth Adelman for invasion of privacy. In the process of documenting the California coastline, he photographed her Malibu mansion. Adelman then included the photo as part of the California Coastal Records Project.. His aim was to influence government policymakers. No matter the intent, Streisand didn’t take kindly to the inclusion of an image of her home. She launched a $50 million lawsuit. The Streisand Effect happens when an attempt made to hide or remove a piece of information causes it to become publicized. This effect is a type of unintended consequence, where an action backfires and leads to the opposite of the intended result.  Psychologically speaking, people want things that are hidden away from them. 

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