Monday, June 11, 2007


In the horoscopes of some U.S. presidents:

JFK by 22 1/2 w 8' orb
Bill Clinton 64H/8'
Herbert Hoover by 22 1/2 w 2'orb
George Washington by 22 1/2 w 15' orb
John Adams by 22 1/2 w 17' orb
Calvin Coolidge 64H/14' orb
Franklin Pierce by 22 1/2 w 2' orb
William Howard Taft 64H/10' orb
Woodrow Wilson 64H/11' orb
John Quincy Adams by 22 1/2 w 4' orb
James Garfield by 22 1/2 exact
U.S. Grant by 22 1/2 w 6' orb
Teddy Roosevelt by 22 1/2 w 2'orb
FDR who didn't complete his final term
William Howard Taft who completed his presidential term but resigned from Supreme Ct.

Warren Harding by 22 1/2 w 3' orb
Richard Nixon 64H/10' orb

Zachery Taylor who died in office

Also luck with leaders: Mozart had . Jupiter=Kronos=Cupido
As a child P. Jupiter stationed 3' from Kronos; he connected with royalty

Here's Kronos symbolizing elevations:
Hillary climbed Mt. Everest DOB 7/20/1919 Papakura, NZ

In the news:
1/10/2007 Jupiter = Kronos (22 1/2)
Chavez begins term.
Ortega (Nicaragua) takes oath of office. Chavez attends.
Same day Minimum wage bill passed

10/7/2014 Michael Bloomberg knighted with T. Jupiter square N. Kronos (=Moon/Kronos)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (born October 13, 1989) Won election T. Kronos conjunct N. Jupiter


WTF??? bad luck with police
Eric Garner had T. Jupiter on N. Kronos
Michael Brown had N. Jupiter=Kronos
In these instances, can Jupiter/Kronos represent the 'good' outcome for the officers?

Ahmaud Arbery Jupiter=Kronos Shot by ex police officer
(another time he was stopped and interrogated by police)


Jupiter/Kronos and Mars/Pluto

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