Sunday, June 10, 2007


Luck with junk, that which is rough or unrefined, poor or criminal; white collar crime.
Some lucky criminals

N. Jupiter=Hades (64H/2' orb)
Complete picture is Jupiter=Hades=Kronos (64H/14' orb)
Saddam Hussein DOB 4/28/1937 12PM BAT Tikrit, Iraq

N. Jupiter/Hades=Aries and Node (22 1/2)
"Corruption Crusader" prosecuted Mafia leaders, narcotics detectives, white-collar criminals and a congressman. DOB 2/21/1933

N. Cupido=Jupiter/Hades (22 1/2 w 4'orb)
Studied white collar crime, juvile delinquency. DOB /27/1930

Sean Penn P. Hades=Jupiter/Hades 1' orb
Interviews El Chapo/leads to his capture

Edward Snowden Mars=Jupiter=Node=Hades=Admetos

Conrad Black pardoned by Trump
N. Jupiter/Hades=Aries 8/25/1944

T. Mercury station=Jupiter/Hades
I fall asleep at the wheel, swerve off road on highway and wake up in the nick of time.

T. Hades  and Mercury square N. Jupiter
John Dean pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice before Watergate trial judge on October 19, 1973. He admitted supervising payments of "hush money" to the Watergate burglars,

Among the privileged:
"Poor little rich girl" Gloria Vanderbilt Jupiter/Hades
Royalty popular with the people Prince Harry and Princess Diana Jupiter/Hades
John Travolta  became famous playing a tough guy in inner city school Natal Jupiter/Hades + progression exact.

Lucky Criminals
Bill Clinton Wm. Kennedy Smith, Michael Jackson,  Imelda P. Jupiter=N. Hades 3' orb, Von Bulow acquittal SR aspect; Allen Weiselberg

Luck with employees
Robert Guillaume played butler

Lord Byron long term affair with employee (hired him because he was attracted)
Venus=Jupiter/Hades 64H

Vicki Morgan met millionaire for S & M relationship
T. Hades conjunct N. Juno (August 1969)

Jupiter/Hades in the news

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