Thursday, November 29, 2007


A partner in science, technology, electronics, electrician
Tech is a factor in your relationship, especially on a transit in an existing relationship

Venus/Uranus is a wild card for a relationship:
alternative lifestyle (common in charts of gay people)
unconventional relationship (e.g,: some single mothers)
unstable partner or time for a partner

Susan Sarandon single mother; long term unmarried relationship
Natal Venus sqq Uranus  DOB 10/4/1946 2 25PM NYC

P. Venus=Uranus (2' orb) Jodie Foster, March 20, 1981, John Hinkley declares his love for her and shoots Pres. Reagan (Reagan  P. Mars=Uranus)  Foster DOB 11/19/1962 8:14AM Los Angeles CA

Here's an example of a man meeting an unconventional woman, meeting Georges Sand 1833
SR Venus=Uranus=Aries 11/12/32 Alfred de Musset met Georges Sand
DOB 12/11/1810 11AM Paris, Fr.

It's destablizing:
Annie Besant Krishnamurti separated from her suddenly when T. Uranus in Aries was opposite her natal Venus Libra DOB 10/1/1847 5:39PM London UK

Judy Garland Natal Hades=Venus/Uranus + P. Hades station=Venus/Uranus exact and 1' from exact between age 16--age 33; married 3 times 12 years DOB 6/10/1922 6AM Grand Rapids, MI

Catherine the Great organizes party for god-daughter's engagement announcement.  Girl's father backs out.  She plans alternative ceremony but died of a stroke before announcement.   P. Venus station =N. Uranus 1796  DOB 5/2/1729 2:30M Stetten, Poland

?? Marilyn Sheppard Venus conjunct Uranus Pisces
Murdered; her husband was convicted, imprisoned, then exonerated.

Queen Eliz I T. Uranus antiscia her natal Venus (and conjunct her N. Jupiter)
Her sister Queen Mary married her 3rd husband.  It was 8 days after he was divorced from his wife on the grounds he was having an affair with a servant!  One month later he fled the country!

Ordinary event on progression: Venus=Uranus/Hades--woman went onto

Sometimes VenusUranus symbolizes a female in astrology.  Some clients have it when they consult.
(or Moon/Uranus)

??Marily Sheppard was murdered; her husband Dr. Sam Shepard was convicted, imprisoned, exhonerated.  Her N. Venus conjunct Uranus Pisces DOB 4/14/1923 9AM Cleveland, OH

News: Venus conjunct Uranus March 30, 2008
-- vote against gay marriage law.
-- Sports figure reportedly been caught on video engaging in sexual acts with five prostitutes during a Nazi role-playing session. (Venus conjunct Uranus in Pisces)

Ireland legalized gay marriage, Venus was square to Uranus (5/24/2015)

4/19/2016 transiting Venus conjunct transiting Uranus
Appeals Court Favors Transgender Student in Virginia Restroom Case


Lolabelle said...

In synastry, how might one person's Uranus conjuncting the other person's Venus/Uranus midpoint be? How would one person's Venus conjuncting the other person's Venus/Uranus be?

I'm Faith McInerney. I'm an astrologer based in NYC. said...

Hi Lolabelle,

This is not a bad contact, just an element of surprise, which will manifest differently with different transiting planets. A Jupiter transit will operate differently (and better) than a Saturn transit.