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  •  Physical separation or emotional estrangement (natal, progression, SR, LR, SA)             Transits, progressions, SA's of Venus to Saturn or to the midpoint, time separative                       or divisive  event.
  • An older partner (natal) 
  • By transit: Someone from the past or older people 
  • By transit: Partner or family members need you to do something extra for them 

When natal Venus=Saturn, or the sun or Aries is at the Venus/Saturn midpoint,  relationships may not last or some distance exists in relationships in one form or another. 

Some ways it works: involvement with someone in another town, living apart, working different shifts.

This is rare but it happened twice, when T. Saturn=N. Venus, partner had accidents.

More common:

Robert Mapplethorpe lifelong partnership; partner 26 years older

Emma Watson refers to herself as "self=partnered" Sun=Venus=Saturn=Pluto
also Node=Admetos)

Isaac Newton had just one brief relationship in his life.  The breakup started his mental deterioration.  (This is extreme)

Another extreme: Lacy Patterson drowned by her husband when T. Saturn conjunct N. Venus
Her SR had Neptune=Venus/Saturn

In the News: T. Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer: an elementary school vice principal wanted to questioning the shooting deaths of his estranged wife, mother in law and 3 children.  On the same day: a man kills 2 of his children, an ex-girlfriend and himself.
T. Venus=T. Saturn (135) A bride dies during her first dance w husband

A planet on the Venus/Saturn MP describes someone you separate from or describes the reason why you separate.  In the natal or return charts. (This list is extensive, but not yet complete)

   P. Mercury station=Venus/Saturn -- Tabloid reveals affair
   P. Mercury station = Venus/Saturn 4' orb
   John Edwards DOB June 10, 1953 7:02AM Seneca, SC  Event 7/22/2008

   The same progressed aspect, Mercury=Venus/Saturn (in another person's chart) resulted in a
    letter   that proved to be a problem for her relationship.

    P. Venus=Venus/Saturn Woody Allen's photos were discovered (there were other pics at the time
    his P. Mars=Chiron and Mia Farrow had Pluto in Scorpio square N. Sun)

   Separation caused by distance; separation from a foreigner or outoftowner..

    Prince Harry's relationship ends. She "reportedly decided that their often long-distance
    romance and Harry's military lifestyle were too much of a strain".
    His SR has Venus/Saturn=Jupiter and Neptune.  .

.  Uranus=Venus/Saturn
   Separation from someone in technology or with whom you’ve connected with on the internet;
   an email or text message has bad results, unsatisfactory results in internet dating.

.  Neptune=Venus/Saturn
   Problems with someone in the medical field; or with someone's health, alcohol or drug issues.
   Angelina Jolie solar return when she separated from Brad Pitt: Venus=Saturn=Neptune
   (His was less obvious, he had Mercury=Venus/Saturn)

.  Pluto=Venus/Saturn
   Problems with a partner in the financial field or over money.
   Death of partner (rarer)

    Catherine Breillat bilked out of money by con-man Christopher Rocancourt.
    When they met P. Pluto=Venus/Saturn 7' orb.  When he was convicted, the orb was exact.
    (DOB 7/13/1948 8:15 PM Bressuire, France  Events between 2007-2012

    Jean Hebuterne lover of Modigliani; she committed suicide 2 days after he died  

Another person causes relationship problems.
E.g, annulled marriage to marry someone else DOB 7/17/1917

Problems with a partner in the food field or over food; you eat differently.

Work is divisive in a relationship.  E.g., Can't get together because of time conflicts or unhappiness with partner's job.

Anthony Scarmucci Natal Pallas=Venus/Saturn approx 30' orb.
His wife filed for divorce "She like the nice Wall Street life...not the insane world of D.C. She is tired of his naked ambition, which is so enormous that it left her at her wits end."  He has Sun, Mars and South Node in Capricorn.

N. Pallas=Venus/Saturn (64H/6' orb)
Linda McCartney She played with Wings. No apparent division in the relationship. But there's something about work that's part of the relationship dynamic for sure. 
N. Pallas=Venus/Saturn (64H/6' orb) DOB 9/24/1941 10AM New York, NY

P. Pallas=Venus/Saturn My husband had a work schedule that interrupted long weekends together.

Problems with a partner in a decorative or building profession or disagreement over décor or gift

Separation from a partner in real estate, or you’re not agreeing about where you live.

Chiron=Venus/Saturn lifelong or temporarily flips out

Garbo didn't show up for wedding.  N. Chiron=Venus/Saturn
P. Chiron station 3' from Venus/Saturn and Moon/Saturn.  T. Chiron=Venus/Saturn
DOB 9/18/1905 7:30PM Stockholm, Sweden.  Event: 9/8/1926

Abused girlfriend
Ray Rice Chiron=Venus/Saturn
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">
Vivien Leigh Natal Chiron=Venus/Saturn + P. Chiron stationed there exactly for many years.
Mental illness big relationship problem, said to have "pathological obsession with Lawrence Olivier".  DOB 11/5/1913 5:16PM Darjeeling, India

Leonardo da Vinci
Court records for 2 cases of involvement with prostitutes.  SR 4/9/1476 Chiron=Venus/Mars
Natal Sun and Chiron=Venus/Saturn and Venus/Chiron=Aries
He had important personal relationships with students!  You don't often see Chiron literally as teacher, but here's one case.
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Serial killer and necropheliac N. Chiron=Venus/Saturn
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Edmund Kemper 12/18/1948 11:04PM Los Angeles

Problems with an artist or someone associated with art or entertainment activity. (N, SR, T)

Issues with a partner of lower status or behavior..

Arguments or violence; separation from someone in military

Parents or authorities cause problems for a partnership; including underage issues.  Problems with a relation ship with the boss or someone in government.
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Roman Polanski arrested for sex with underage girl 
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">P. Kronos=Venus/Saturn exactly
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">P. Moon=Kronos=Venus/Saturn 3' orb
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Polanski natal: Venus=Saturn=Zeus=Kronos This also describes the  death of unborn child
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Henry VIII had a daughter instead of a son, he had P.Venus=Saturn/Kronos  
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">(variation of Kronos=Venus/Saturn).  Queen Elizabeth I was born.

Separation from partner who is out of town or travels.

Religion or belief is divisive. Split with religious or other opinionated type.
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">Founder of Shakers (reproductive act is against their religion)  Ann Lee DOB 2/29/1736 no tob

Partner has an accident or other destructive experience.
I had this by progression last year when a friend’s mother died.

--Natal Venus=Saturn/Uranus….Robert Blake has natal Venus=Saturn/Uranus .
--A client whose 1st husband blew his eye out in a chemistry experiment and whose 2nd husband was a holocaust survivor had natal Venus=Saturn/Uranus

Loved one is ill. (N, P, SR/LR)

Loved one having financial challenge. (N, P, SR/LR)

A partner or personal contact is disappointed or challenged with a home situation. (N, P, SA, SR/LR)

Saw this by progression; partner went on diet.

Don’t remember seeing evidence for this one specifically, but I would think it would include a partner or personal contact with decorating or beauty problems.

No evidence, but I think it would describe some aspect of partner’s job.

No evidence.

Love with a foreigner.
Candice Bergen has natal Venus=Saturn/Hades (64H/2’ orb)

No evidence

Problems with authority for someone you know personally, by progression or in SR/LR.

Relationship with someone in education or you meet at school. (N, P, SR/LR)

Personal relationship is frozen, in a tight spot.
In the chart of the Illinois University shooter, activated by the Mars station of Feb. ‘08.

Not enough evidence

Partner associated with therapy; partner abandons or is disappointed by beliefs.

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