Thursday, November 29, 2007


Partner or partner's family members can be characterized by religious belief, activity

By progression or return, can describe an event such as a church/temple wedding or christening.

Eva Braun N. Aries=Sun=Venus/Poseidon
P. Poseidon=Venus 1' orb/64H when they met

12/22/2017 T. Venus conjunct T. Cupido=T. Poseidon
Family members say a Virginia couple tried to get their teenage daughter to end a relationship with a boyfriend whom the parents believed espoused neo-Nazi views.  Now that boyfriend, 17, has been charged with killing the parents.

Catherine of Sienna made herself known very quickly by being marked by mystical phenomena such as stigmata and mystical marriage

?? When DiMaggio went on first date w Monroe he had P. Venus=P. Poseidon (1' orb)

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