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Venus/Chiron (scroll down for transting Chiron to 7th house)

Partner or close personal contact needs care. (N, P, SA, SR/LR)
Isolation or alienation from partner.
Partner was separated from one or both parents at a young age.

Partner is missing a parent; partner comes from an unhappy family

Queen Elizabeth (Venus sqq Chiron)
Prince Philip lost both parents between age 9-18.  In boarding school he said "everybody has a family to go home to.  I don't". When P, Chiron = Venus exactly 1941, her cousins were placed in asylum and have stayed there ever since.  When  Chiron=Venus 3' orb a mentally disturned person broke into Queen Mother's room.  

Disraeli (Venus//Chiron) wife's father died when she was an infant
Thomas Jefferson (Venus//Chiron) when she was six days old, his wife's mother died
Elizabeth of York, mother of Henry VIIII her husband's father died before he was born
Bob Dylan (Venus sqq Chiron) wife's mother had a stroke when she was 9; father murdered when she was 16
Gloria Vanderbilt--3 out of 4 of her husbands had Venus/Chiron (2 major 1 minor aspect)

Partner has health issues
Mitt Romney has tight natal square; his wife has MS.  She exhibited symptoms 1997; SR Venus=Chiron (closer than 1 degree).  Also Neptune square Moon
George Michael lover died of AIDS; another died of brain hemorage
Nancy Reagan Venus ssq Chiron and Chiron conjunct Dsc.  (But when T. Chiron conjunct Dsc, Ronald Reagan's SON'S pregnant wife left HIM)
Joe Biden N. Sun=Venus=Chiron wife died in an accident.  T. Chiron was square natal picture.
Edison's first wife died at age 29 of brain tumor; 2nd wife fine.
Ann-Margaret Venus//Chiron
Isak Deneson infected with syphilis by first husband
John McCain tight natal square (1st wife was ill)
Allen Ginsberg conjunction (also semi-octile w Neptune) "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness" after he met poet Carl Solomon in a mental hospital.

N. Venus=Chiron=Node (22 1/2 exact)
Chas Bono DOB 4 March 1969 at 12::55 AM Los Angeles
Relationship with Joan Stephens, a woman 23 years her senior, a friend of Cher's spanned from Chas' first crush on Joan at age thirteen until Joan's death from non-Hodgkins lymphoma eleven years later.

--Georges Sand (DOB 7/1/1804 10:30PM Paris) Venus//Chiron and Aries=Venus/Chiron (64H/1’ orb) Cared for Chopin.

--Laura Huxley (DOB 11/2/1911. Venus=Chiron 22 ½ degrees, no greater than 30‘ orb)
From her obituary: “After a close friend became seriously ill, Mrs. Huxley gave up her musical career to study psychology and alternative medicine. In 1963, as Mr. Huxley was dying of cancer, Mrs. Huxley ministered to him by injecting him with LSD and by reading aloud to him.” (She also had Chiron=Vulcanus)

One partner harms or is harmed by the other; or by loved ones

Jon Benet Ramsey (Venus=Saturn=Chiron); Cayle Anthony (Saturn=Venus/Chiron)

OJ Simpson Sun=Venus/Chiron

Laci Peterson Mars=Venus/Chiron

Scott Peterson Venus=Mars=Chiron

Jon Benet Ramsey (Venus=Saturn=Chiron); Cayle Anthony (Saturn=Venus/Chiron)

Bill Cosby Sun=Venus/Chiron
When P. Venus was 11' from N. Chiron, his son was killed and the woman who claimed he was her father was arrested. (1/16-1/18/1997)
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT:
<33 1="" dob="" orb="" p="">SR for head of committee to decriminalize homosexuality in UK Venus=Saturn=Chiron (Wolfenden report September 4, 1957; Wolfenden natal June 26, 1906)

The relationship has harmful consequences for others

Charles Starkweather and Carol Ann Fugate killing spree

Simone de Beauvoir procured students for herself and Sartre; there is a police record as a result of a parent who complained

Partner disliked by family or others (outsider)
Alexander 1 Russia court didn't like his wife
Louis 1 King of Spain "she did not fit into the Spanish court well and often refused to speak to her husband"

Louis XVI married to Marie Antoinette; she wasn't liked by French people; they were amiable but distant (she had Chiron 7th)

Robin Gibbs wife Wiccan lesbian "with everybody but me"

They're not emotionally equipped to be in a relationship

Judy Garland

Falling into many of the categories listed: Kourtney Kardashian

Natal Sun=Venus/Chiron (64H/5' orb) 
Also natal  Venus=Saturn (64H)

They're just not into it
 Leonardo da Vinci "If you are alone you belong entirely to yourself.  If you are accompanied by even one companion you belong only half to yourself".


Princess Di 
Tapes of her very personal conversations printed 
 P. Venus=P. Chiron (semi octile 2' orb; event August, 1992

Prince William Natal Venus conjunct natal Chiron
When P. Chiron was exact with N. Venus (1988) his parents were leading separate lives and Charles/Camilla relationship became more public

Patricia Highsmith (author of "Strangers on a Train") had N. Venus=Chiron.
In 1931, when P. Venus=Chiron,  she moved to a new neighborhood with access to a public library and was introduced and became fascinaed abnormal psychology.  When P. Venus was conjunct N. Chiron in September 1941, she separated herself from a group--the Communist Party.  "I feel uncomformforable with them, and useless."  The following year, in May 1941 when P. Venus was conjunct P. Chiron, she met and became attracted to a gay man, altho she herself was gay

Charlotte Bronte's father wouldn't attend wedding 
P. Chiron=N. Venus 64H/1' orb

Queen Elizabeth I
Her parents' marriage annulled and mother is executed
P, Venus close to natal picture of  Chiron=Kronos=Pluto
(also had transits of Juno and Chiron)

Hugh Heffner
P. Venus conjunct P. Chiron when the Moral Majority spoke out again him
Venus SA conjunct N. Chiron Religious right spoke out against Playboy
WTF? P. Venus conjunct N. Chiron appeared on SNL brought him a new level of celebrity (?)

Dahmer 2nd murder T. Chiron conjunct N. Venus

Some AIDS Victims:

Michael Bennett:  Venus=Mars=Chiron 2 degrees orb (DOB 4/8/1943 8:00 AM Bufffalo, NY)
Richard Barr: ASC=Venus/Chiron 6' orb  39' orb;  (DOB 9/6/1917 7:48AM Washington, DC)
Peter Blazey: bcecame infected in 1980, his 11/79 SR contains Aries=Venus/Chiron 27' orb (DOB 11/24/1939 4:12AM Melbourne, Australia)

Midpoint pictures or planetary pictures 
P. Apollon=Venus/Chiron
Client's boyfriend lives a couple of hundred miles away and is caring for his sick female 'room-mate'.

Alieister Crowley Venus=Mars=Chiron

Vaclav Havel 10 5 1936 3pm MET Prague Czech
N. Uranus=Venus=Chiron
In his plays love is backward, promiscuity among husbands is encouraged by wives and signs of real love are disgusting.

When I've had Chiron to Venus or Venus/Chiron by SA, I've gone to female health practitioners.

P. Chiron=Venus/Vulcanus Client was stalked

Frank Sinatra had the natal picture
P. Venus conjunct N. Chiron:
  •  he started dating a widow
  • He couldn't visit his mother in NJ (legal restraints); so he moved her closer to him

Venus SA conjunct N. Chiron
  • Investigated for Mafia ties (there were probably ramifications)
Neal De Grasse Tyson N. Venus=Chiron
T. Chiron station antiscia N. Venus he's accused of sexual misconduct
Juno/Chiron is extremely common with sexual misconduct
Maureen Reagan marries abuser SR Venus conjunct Chiron exact 

 In the news: A transit of Venus conjunct Chiron, both with Kronos (Venus=Chiron=Kronos) symbolized former Chicago alderman and civil rights activist Dorothy Tillman was arrested and charged Sunday with trespassing at a hospital. Her family said she was ''brutalized by Jackson Hospital Security and Montgomery Police officers as she sought medical attention for her ailing aunt.''


Diminished by relationship
Marilyn Monroe marries Arthur Miller; finds his diaries; he's written that he's embarrassed by her.  She's in a movie with Olivier; he tells her "try and be sexy".

Relationship is unavailable
Jackqueline Onassis starts relationship with Maurice Templesman;  he's married.  (She had N. Chiron conjunct 7th house cusp.)

Fred Astaire reluctant to be a dance team with Ginger Rogers

Charles and Camilla's wedding postponed because Pope died

Someone else's relationship
Nancy Reagan's stepson's pregnant wife leaves and divorces (she has N. Chiron 7th)
Princess Grace's daughter Caroline divorces (Grace had Chiron 7th)

Physical harm
Karen Silkwood killed in car accident judged to be mysterious

?? Mrs. Macron married Emmanuel when P. Venus was square P. Chiron 3' orb

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