Thursday, November 29, 2007

Venus=Mars in news events

Some incidents in the news that happened on days when Venus was in aspect to Mars:
T. Venus Cancer trine Mars in Pisces

--Unsuspecting internet users around the world have recently had computers hijacked by hackers, who are using them for pornographic websites. The activity is likely to go unnoticed by the computer owners.

--Two Naval Academy sophomores were charged with raping two classmates during a Commissioning Week party in their dorm room. (The event & trial started earlier, but this appeared in the news on the day Venus trined Mars.)

--The House handed a narrow defeat Thursday to conservatives who wanted to forbid the National Institutes of Health from giving grants to researchers conducting four sexual research projects,

--The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that defendants in sexual assault cases have a constitutional right to present details of the accuser's sexual past as evidence.
Venus/Mars Midpoint
Sex Article

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