Sunday, September 2, 2007


Mighty Mercury activity; speaking, writing, driving.

Nancy Pelosi spoke for 7 hours straight (Natal sqaure)

Speed: Mercury/Vulcanus appears in some of the horoscopes of marathon runners and other sports where speed is a factor.

N. Neptune=Mercury/Vulcanus (22 1/2 - 1' orb)
Laura Manaudou, Olympic gold medals for swimming
DOB 10/9/1986 12:05PM France

Alexander Grothendieck, whose gift for deep abstraction excavated new ground in the field known as algebraic geometry and supplied a theoretical foundation for the solving of some of the most vexing conundrums of modern mathematics 
3/28/1928 no TOB
Mercury square Vulcanus, no matter what time of day he's born.  Mercury=Uranus if he was born late in the day.  Mercury/Uranus is one of the math midpoints.

Eva Braun N. Mercury/Vulcanus=Aries

Met Hitler P. Node=Mercury/Vulcanus

Debate team coach Mercury=Jupiter=Vulcanus=Aries  6 /27/1919


T. Mercury conjunct T. Vulcanus 6/18/2003
Senator Hillary Clinton’s book sells over a million copies, publishers announce.

“Ex-Club Singer, Teacher Succeeds Ann Landers”
T. Mercury conjunct T. Vulcanus = Apollon/Vulcanus, sesquare Cupido 7/09/03
That’s confusing.
Here’s where the planets were: Mercury 22 Cancer, Vulcanus 22 Cancer, Apollon 21 Libra, Cupido 7 Sag.

T. Mercury conjunct T. Vulcanus 7/20/06 “Book Buried in Irish Bog Is Called a Major Find “

Personal events on a transiting station of Mercury to natal Vulcanus
event with a powerful publisher
box of heavy books, too heavy to pick up

Wife a prodigious letter writer (Theodore Roosevelt)

Wife's siblings have influence (Kanye West)

Wife has educational foundation (Bobby Jindal)

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