Sunday, September 2, 2007


Mercury activity which is limited: a weekend seminar, a small class, a caption,
Back in the day: classified ads, telegrams

I’ve also seen it appear in the charts of a stutterer, mentally retarded people and alzheimers' victims but many if not most people with Mercury/Admetos have no such problems.

Born deaf; teaches deaf
September 14, 1937

N. Mercury=Admetos=Aries Jett Travolta (DOB 4/13/1992 12:33AM Florida)
"He was never heard speaking"... "I observed that he was significantly mentally handicapped," said a friend of the family.

In the charts of 20 Alzheimer's victims, Mercury/Admetos appeared in 10 of them.

N. Mercury/Admetos=Apollon=Vulcanus
Marcel Marceau-mime
DOB 3/22/1923 8AM GMT France

Edgar Allen Poe
Preferred short story, short poem

Mercury=Admetos (=Poseidon)
Never wrote; never learned to write his name

Catherine of Sienna illiterate but wrote thru scribes

"Silent Help"
Gudrun Himmler Burwitz
Himmler's daughter's organization to help former Nazi's. DOB 8/8/1929 no TOB
Whole picture: Mercury=Hades=Admetos <`1 degree orb (major aspects)

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Spoke in a whisper
Mercury=Admetos semi-octile 36' orb
7/28/1929 2:30PM Southhampton, NY

Diedre Butler Mercury//Admetos 9/26/1955
Corrinne Flynn Mercury/Admetos=Aries 2/28/1958
Jean Driscoll semi octile November 18, 1966 9:15AM Milwaukee, Wisc

Evel Knievel's snake river jump
a harness malfunction which kept him strapped in the vehicle. As it was, he survived the failed jump with only minor physical injuries
P. Mercury=Saturn and Admetos exactly

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