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Mars/Node=job or job event. (N, SR, P, T)
The planet at the midpoint describes the profession (N, P, SR) or someone you hire (P, SR/LR) or with whom you are working (N, P, SR/LR).

In the natal chart, it can describe the profession of someone pivotal in your life--your parents, your mate.

Other combinations: Mars=____/Node

Transiting North Node conjunct natal Mars
John Boehner's new job announced 9/15/2016

A male work partner. (N) Working with a man. (N)
P. Sun=Mars/Node indicates a job event, interviewing for a job, getting a job, hiring someone.

A female partner. (N) Working with a woman or women. (N, SR)
P. Moon=Mars/Node
Time when you get a job, hire someone (male or female), or interact with employers. (P)

Teaching, writing, automobile industry, working with a sibling. (N, P, SR/LR)
Going to school for a professional objective, mailings or writing connected with your job or with getting a job. (P, SR/LR)

Art professional (N)
I’ve seen some limited examples where this indicates a professional event for the partner.

Travel for work, travel industry, work with out-of-towners. (N, SR, P, SR/LR)
N. Mars=Jupiter/Node (64H/exact)
Richard Branson Also has singleton Jupiter and Mars/Pallas/Apollon=Aries

Job changes (N) Time when you change your job (P, SR/LR, T)

Technical profession, electrician, computers, tv, scientist; career surprise

Mars=Node=Uranus "In the middle of the night, Dr. Suzman liked to email social scientists, urging them to take immediate action on a project. Other times, an email or phone call would all but order a researcher to apply for a grant."

George Washington'
. Washington read the latest works on agriculture and implemented the new husbandry methods using a variety of fertilization methods and crop rotation plans on his five farms.
William Wordsworth  helped to launch the Romantic Age in English literature; fan of revolutionary France

President Rutherford B. Hayes
Hayes was the only president whose election was decided by a congressional commission.
Wanted weath equity
Hayes was the first president to have a telephone in the White House.
Hayes was the first president to have a typewriter in the White House. 

Other leaders: progressives; populists; independent; independence.

Medical + profession; psychic; chemicals/oil; boat

N. Neptune=Mars/Node
Jacque Chirac heads foundation for Down's syndrome
P. Neptune=Mars/Node
Chirac begins career working for Pompidou
Work for someone w medical problems?
Pompidou dies 5 years later--he was already sick?

N. Neptune=Mars/Node'
River Phoenix and Judy Garland She was given drugs at work; was he?
Neptune=Mars/Node also in chart of drug dealer

Tracey Ullman
P. Neptune=Mars/Node age 13; a clairvoyant predicted she would be enormously successful in the US. 

--Mars=Neptune/Node (=Aries andJohn Edwards P. Mercury station=Venus/Saturn -- Tabloid reveals affair

 Chiron too) (64H/1’ orb)
Buzz Aldrin in addition to being an astronaut , he was Chairman of the National Mental Health Association (also see Mars/Apollon)

Financial profession (N, P)

Food profession (N)
Client‘s chart: parent worked in food

Not enough data for this one.

Fashion, jewelry, interior design, building or construction, designed items (even everyday items such as soap dishes and key chains) (N, P)
P. Juno=Mars/Node can indicate that you hire someone to do Juno work.
N.Juno=Mars=Node (22 1/2 w 33' orb)
Georgio Armani DOB 7/11/1934 7:20AM Piacenza IT

Work at home (N), real estate professional (N, P)
I have N. Vesta=Mars/Node and work from home.

Art or entertainment profession (N, SR)

N. Cupido=Mars/Node (22 1/2 w 3' orb) Using the Mean Node
Steven Spielberg DOB 12/18/1946 6:16pm Cincinatti, OH)

Richard Widmark Cupido=Hades=Mars/Node (64H/3’ orb) Hades component: he was famous for playing criminals. (DOB 12/26/1914 12:45PM SUNRISE, MN)

Blue collar worker (N, SR)

Fireman, military (not much evidence with this one)
N. Zeus (and Kronos) =Mars/Node
British Minister for Defense Jonathan Aitkin DOB 8/30/1942 7AM Dublin

Job in government (N) or head of an organization (N)

Travel for work, responsibilities are geographically widespread (N, SR)

Part-time or temporary work (N,SR, LR)
Appeared in lunar return of client who was appointed acting dean of a department.

Not enough evidence for this

Religious work, work for cause or non-profit. (N, SR)
Aries=Mars=Node=Poseiden (major aspect/11'orb)
Pope Benedict

Progression may indicate when a business changes location

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