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Job ending, vacation, sick leave (N, P, SA, SR/LR). In the natal chart, the planet at the midpoint sometimes describes a profession that one leaves.

The sign of a conjunction will make a difference.  My husband had T. Saturn station conjunct N. Mars in Scorpio.  The agency at which he's employed lost a contract --that's a Scorpio event.

Kronos=Mars/Saturn in the charts of 5 presidents who didn’t complete their terms: Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland and Warren G. Harding, Zachery Taylor (64H), William Henry Harrison (64H)

Zeus=Kronos=Mars/Saturn (64H/2' obr)
Complete picture is Aries=Sun=Mars=Saturn=Kronos=Neptune=Zeus (64H/all within 23' of Aries point)

This picture describes a number of government and military events in the life of Winston Churchill. He was a military buff as a child & had a long military career. He was Secretary of State for War and created the naval air service. But he was also the fall guy for the failure of the Dardanelles, which ended his political career for 3 years.

His political career was interrupted a number of times when he lost elections. The longest period of political exile was the 10 years preceding WWII. In 1939 he was recalled as first lord of the admiralty and his success during the war eventually led to his becoming Prime Minister.
Winston Churchill DOB 11/30/1874 1:30AM Woodstock, England

Queen  Elizabeth I
A series of bad harvests in England in the 1590's

T. Mars to N. Saturn
Announcement in Wall Street Journal that Katie Couric won't finish her contract with CBS. (Altho she did not actually leave her job.) DOB 1/7/1957

T. Mars to N. Saturn
Charles Prince, President of Citibank, resigns.

P. Mercury=Mars/Saturn
Client couldn't begin school when she wanted.

Pope Francis announces he may step down as Pope
T, Saturn station -= N. Mars

Letterman announces retirement April, 2014
P. Node=Mars/Saturn exactly

N. Mars=Saturn=Admetos
Charles Fourier changed jobs frequently

Here's a Mars/Saturn story with a happy ending: John Woodruff, whose halting, come-from-behind victory in the 800-meter run in the 1936 Berlin Olympics astonished the sports world and, along with the gold-medal success of Jesse Owens and other black athletes, helped embarrass Adolf Hiter HAD TRANSITING SATURN TO MARS BY 22 1/2 on the day of his big victory. Because he was an inexperienced runner who was competing with veterans, after 300 meters he found himself trapped. "I had to do something. I didn’t panic. I just figured if I had only one opportunity to win, this was it. I’ve heard people say that I slowed down or almost stopped. I didn’t almost stop. I stopped, and everyone else ran around me.”
That left Woodruff in last place, but also with racing room. With an explosion of sprinting power and a 9-foot stride — he stood 6 feet 3 ¼ inches — he overtook the others in the next 100 yards. Edwards then regained the lead, but Woodruff passed him on the last turn, held off Lanzi by 2 meters and won in 1 minute 52.9 seconds. A columnist wrote: “He was inexperienced and had more changes of gait and direction than a wild goat going up a mountainside.”

General strike in France; transit workers shut down country; schools closed. He wants to change the pension system.12/6/2019
. T. Mars=T. Saturn on Macrons's Mars
. T. Pluto=Macron's Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus
. T. Chiron square natal Jupiter

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