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There was recently a lunation in Leo which sparked all kinds of romantic events including the Mayor of San Francisco and the obsessed astronaut. It made me think about the different ways sexuality is symbolized in different horoscopes.

The most frequent indicators of sex are Venus/Mars aspects, Saturn in Scorpio and the south node in Scorpio. When these appear in the natal chart, sexual activity is somehow noteworthy, with a range of possible circumstances such as promiscuity, impotence or sexual assault.
Sometimes the sign placements Venus and Mars will flesh out the description of the sexual circumstances.

Lisa Nowak* the obsessed astronaut, has natal Venus in Aries trine Mars in Leo. The competitive, impulsive and combative attributes of the Aries/Mars components were distinctive elements of this situation.

Venus/Mars appears in the horoscopes of sex symbols like Brad Pitt and world class lotharios like Warren Beatty* (Venus//Mars) and Jack Nicholson* (Venus/Mars=Aries) as well as well as counless B-listers like porn star Ron Jeremy* (Venus conjunct Mars conjunct Hades). Thanks to Bill Sarubbi for that one.

In early 2007, Silvio Berlusconi*, Italian politician and businessman (Venus//Mars) and his wife, actress Veronica Lario* (Saturn in Scorpio) made the news with a letter written by Lario and published in an Italian newspaper, complaining about her husband’s flirting. Her letter and his subsequent apology has “Italians are agog over a sex spat involving their former first couple”.

Around the same time Mark Foley* (Saturn in Scorpio) resigned when sexual activity with young pages was disclosed and Ted Haggard* (Saturn in Scorpio) the fundamentalist preacher who converted to heterosexuality when his relationship with a gay escort was revealed.

Scores of people with public sexual personas have Saturn in Scorpio. Howard Stern*, Hugh Heffner*, Marilyn Monroe*, Rudolph Valentino* (also Venus/Mars=Aries).

Anita Hill* (Saturn in Scorpio) made history when she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his 1991 Senate confirmation hearing.

Clarence Thomas* was born with the south node in Scorpio, another placement that often means sexuality intensity and complications. Casanova--whose name we equate with sexual conquest--had the South Node in Scorpio.

South node in Scorpio also appears in the horoscopes of artists who created some pretty steamy art.

If you were queen of pleasure,
And I were king of pain,
We 'd hunt down love together,
Pluck out his flying-feather,
And teach his feet a measure,
And find his mouth a rein;
If you were queen of pleasure,
And I were king of pain. Algernon Swinburne* (Saturn & South Node in Scorpio)

*Unless time and place are listed, they're all solar charts.
Lisa Nowak DOB 5/10/1963
Silvio Berlusconi DOB 9/29/36 Solar chart
Veronica Lario DOB 7/19/1956 Solar chart
Warren Beatty DOB 3/20/1937 Richmond, VA
Jack Nicholson DOB 4/22/1937 11AM Neptune, NJ
Ron Jeremy DOB 3/12/534AM Queens, NY
Mark Foley DOB 9/8/1954
Ted Haggard DOB 6/27/1956
Howard Stern DOB 1/12/1954
Hugh Heffner DOB 4/9/1926
Marilyn Monroe DOB 6/1/1926
Rudolph Valentino DOB (5/6/1895)
Anita Hill DOB 7/30/1956
Clarence Thomas DOB 6/23/1948
Swinburne DOB 4/5/1837

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