Saturday, January 18, 2020


In my opinion, the semi-octile is the smallest major aspect.  
What makes it a major aspect is that it is responsive to transits and progressions.  Here are some illustrations of transits.


Rescued from captivity in internment camp (from NY Times obit of Mary Previte)

T. Jupiter=N. Jupiter (semi-octile)
DOB 9/7/1932
Event: 8/17/1945


Robin Williams suicide
T. Saturn station=N. Moon (semi-octile)
Robin Williams at time of death
Event 8/11/2014
DOB 7/21/1951 1:34PM Chicago, Ill

Zelda Williams' father died
T. Saturn station=N. Venus (semi-octile)
Event: 8/11/2014
DOB July 31, 1989 6:56AM New York, NY

Patty Hearst kidnapping
T. Saturn=N. Mars semi-octile
N. Sun=Saturn=Vulcanus all semi-octile; triggered by T. Chiron
T. Chiron ssq N. Sun and semi-octile N. Saturn and Vulcanus
DOB 2/20/1954 6:01PM San Francisco, CA
Event: 2/4/1974

T. Jupiter and T. Saturn simultaneously

T. Jupiter ssq T. Saturn both semi-octile N. Sun
Event: When the sport he helped pioneer (snowboarding) was introduced at the Winter Olympics,
"It wasn't a cool moment at all".  He hadn't been informed of his sport's entrance into the Olympics and when he arrived at the Olympic snowboarding venue, "he was chagrined to see a sign that said 'Sno-Boarding". (From NY Times obit of Jake Burton Carpenter)
DOB 4/29/1954 no tob
Event"  2/8/1998


Oscar Pistorius

Transiting Pluto semi-octile N. Moon
He shot and killed his girlfriend 
DOB November 22, 1986 10:30AM Sandton, South Africa
Event: February 14, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg

T. Pluto semi-octile N. Saturn
He lost  almost 16.8 billion dollars in one day (Facebook stock dropped 9%)
DOB May 14, 1984 2:39AM Dobbs Ferry, NY
Event: July 26, 2018

Lottery/gambling winners:

T. Pluto=N, Jupiter semi-octile  
T. Jupiter square N. Jupiter; T. Jupiter=T. Pluto semi-octile 
Lottery winner DOB 10/22/1966 6:20PM Winchester, Mass
Event: 11/25/1993

T. Pluto=N. Jupiter semi-octile

Lottery winner
DOB 11/8/1942 4AM Kapuskasing, Canada
Event: 6/29/1991

T. Pluto=N. Jupiter semi-octile 

Won $1 million dollars in a slot machine 
Katherine Ippolito DOB 4/7/1953 10:32PM Everett Mass
Event 1/19/1992

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