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Midpoints: Chiron/Zeus

George III N. Chiron= Zeus and N. Zeus stationary RX
His life and reign, which were longer than those of any previous British monarch, were marked by a series of military conflicts involving his kingdoms, much of the rest of Europe, and places farther afield in Africa, the Americas and Asia.  (King of England during the American Revolution)

N. Chiron=Zeus (64H/closer than 7' orb) DOB 6/30/1939
Discovered hereditary disorder characterized by self-mutilation. Named for him (Lesch).

John Hinckley Jr. P. Zeus ssq. N. Chiron exact--1972
Arthur Bremer shot George Wallace, influencing Hinckley's later assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan

Paris Jackson N. Chiron=Zeus (=Admetos=Node)

N. Chiron/Zeus=Aries (64H/exact)
"Anthrax Killer" looked for cures to pathogens and viruses in case they might be used as a weapon; then he was a suspect in the nation’s worst biological attack. DOB 4/22/1946

N. Chiron/Zeus =Aries
Werner Von Braun rocket scientist responsible for the design and realization of the deadly V-2 combat rocket during during WWII.

N. Chiron=Zeus=Node=Hades (64H approx. 10' orb)
Also N. Neptune/Node=Mars and Chiron (22 1/2 wider orb) DOB 9/16/1988
Brett committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning during salvia trip. DOB 9/16/1988

Dora Maar, Picasso's lover

For many years the former lovers maintained an unlikely exchange of gifts, whose meanings we can surmise. In 1954, Picasso sent Dora an elaborately packaged chair made of steel rods and coarse rope; it was both ungainly and uncomfortable. "Isn't it the ugliest thing anybody ever saw!" Picasso later exclaimed. Dora in return sent Picasso a rusty shovel blade, with which he was apparently rather impressed

SR Chiron=Zeus
Braque shot and injured WWI

SR Sun=Vulcanus=Chiron=Zeus (no more than 1 degree orb)
Using 64H Neptune in the pic too
1982 Tylenol PR exec handled cyanide laced tyenol poisoning (never solved)
DOB 7/27/1925

T. Chiron=T. Kronos=T. Vulcanus=N. Zeus and Apollon
Princess Sophie miscarries

P. Chiron=Zeus (64H/1' orb)
Muller develops insecticide DDT

Queen Eliz I
P. Chiron//N. Zeus 1599-1601

Essex's greatest failure was as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, a post which he talked himself into in 1599, leading  the largest expeditionary force ever sent to Ireland—16,000 troops.

3 horse whisperers
1/29/1962 chiron=zeus=apollon
8/31/1929 chiron=zeus 64H
5/11/1911 chiron=zeus=admetos=aries

Horse breeder 4/13/1889

In the news:
T. Chiron 135 T. Zeus exact 1/29/11
?? 1/23/11 New York City Investigates Arizona Gun Show
Illegal to seel guns if sellers suspect they are felons or mentally ill or are otherwise prohibited from buying. In two instances, the New York undercover officers specifically said before buying a gun, “I probably couldn’t pass a background check,” but were still sold guns. Details of the undercover investigation 1/31/2011nday,

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