Friday, July 27, 2007


Limited arms, fire, fertility.

P. Zeus=Admetos died of sunstroke (64H/exact Nathaniel Green)

N. Zeus/Admetos=Neptune and Poseidon (22 1/2)
=Aries (64H/3' orb)
Constance Cook NY assemblywoman who was co-author of the law that legalized abortion. DOB 8/17/1919

Henry VIII long last progression, probably corresponded with his frustrations in producing male heir.

Here's a different one:
George Clooney had Bell's Palsy when P. Zeus was on antiscia of P. Admetos with a 1' orb.  (P. Zeus was stationary).

Another good one: stunted growth
Dennis Rodman was a short kid and quit sports in high school because he wasn't get enough play time.  He had a growth spurt at age 20.   Born with a stationary Zeus which was 4' from antiscia of Admetos, Zeus was exact with Admetos between about age 1-4.

Fredrick Brennan disease stunted his growth; as a result he believes in voluntary sterilization 

In the news:

5/1/2003 quintile approx 4' orb
President declares "mission accomplished" in Iraq and the end of major combat.

5/20/2005 approx 3' orb
28 midgets die in lion fight in Cambodia.

As of this writing (7/08--8/08), there's a Zeus/Admetos picture that's been pretty tight for over a month. There was a Hamas cease-fire, the tour of duty in Iraq has been shortened to a month, and the Supreme Court made a gun-rights decision which will effect handguns.

There was a major fire while Zeus and Admetos were within orb. California fires broke out on 6/21 when Zeus and Admetos were only about 10' from each other. But today on 7/31/08 when Zeus and Admetos are exact, the fires are reported under control.

Russia invaded Georgia. A couple of cease fires have been declared already.

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