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·        Group living
·        Family's real estate; ancestral home 
        Family real estate business; real esate assoicates
·        Art + location
       Marriage location (Aaron Banks

Group living

Leonardo lived with the Medici's who built the Garden of the Piazza San Marco; an academy of artists, poets and philosophers, including Leonardo.  N. Vesta square Cupido 54' orb.

More current communal living:
Rajneesh ASC=Vesta/Cupido  32' orb
Ken Kesey  Sun=Vesta/Cupido 44' orb (Mercury=Vesta=Cupido 64H)

Rulers with Vesta/Cupido

Louis XIV's motto was "the whole of France around the King".  The nobility stayed at Versailles; anywhere between 3,000-10,000 per day.  N. Vesta=Cupido 9' orb.

Some leaders who appropriated and redistributed private land had Vesta/Cupido:
Fidel Castro N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 8' orb
Hugo Chavez N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 9' orb
Mao N. Moon=Vesta/Cupido 20' orb (Sun=Vesta/Cupido 64H/6' orb)
Lenin N. Apollon=Vesta/Cupido

President Jimmy Carter became involved with  "Habitat for Humanity" after he left office.  An organization to teach people to build houses all over the world.  MC= Node=Vesta=Cupido 58' orb.

One of the combinations for colonialism  (nations become part of "family")

Edward VII named himself King of British Dominions; emphasized scope and unity of the British Kingdom; Vesta/Cupido refers to the group of countries united by British rule
N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 5' orb

"Age of discovery" and European colonization of Americas is launched
Queen Isabella's 1492 SR Vesta=Cupido=Poseidon=Vulcanus (first discovery named San Salvador)
Vesta/Apollon and Vesta/Chiron also found in colonial situations

Nelson Mandela Hades=Poseidon=Vesta=Cupido

Real estate and family; ancestral homes

Donald Trump inherited and expanded his father's real estate business into a huge real estate empire (N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 9' orb)

Dimitry Pavlovich married a real estate heiress N. Venus=Vesta/Cupido 19' orb

Helene De Rothschild's parents gave away her childhood home because she married outside of her religion. N. Sun=Cupido=Vesta=Poseidon 1 1/2 degree orb

Dimitry Pavlovich married a real estate heiress N. Venus=Vesta/Cupido 19' orb  

Amory Houghton Jr. born in Corning NY inherited his family's Corning Glass Works 
 Juno=Vesta=Cupido 8/7/26 no tob 

Robert Durst family real estate business Vesta/Cupido=Aries approx 49' orb 
Vesta antiscia Cupido (Vesta in Aries/Cupido in Virgo)

Author Balzac known for location realism: "Intricate details about Paris can stretch 15-20 pages...studies these places in depth...the streets possess human qualities.  (N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 9' orb)

Ibsen wrote "Doll's House"

Economics theorem: "The Problem of Social Cost":
Financial responsibility for another person's loss is unclear.  The illustration: a farmer's  animals wandering and eating the neighbor's crops.  "Cease Theorum" named for Ronald Coase (N. Sun=Vesta/Cupido 9' orb.)  

Art/entertainment locations

There was some incidence, but not overwhelming evidence,  of Vesta/Cupido pictures (or variations on the picture) among art gallery owners and amusement park owners.  Of the 3 horoscopes of gambling casino owners, 2 had Vesta/Cupido pictures and a third had Pallas=Vesta/Cupido.

Sylvia Deutsch, the only person ever to head two of New York City’s most powerful land-use agencies, posts that she used to expand housing, promote entertainment in Times Square and usher in self-service gas stations JULY 9, 1924 
Mars opposite Vesta about 1 degree orb
and Vesta//Neptune//Cupido//Node

Ibsen wrote "Doll's House"

Queen Elizabeth N. Mercury=Mars=Vesta=Cupido=Hades
Her sister loved to throw wild parties at the palace and at her island home..

Vesta/Cupido was one of the common pictures found among cartographers, geographers and topographers.

Filmmakers known for their special skill with locations: Ridley Scott, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen

Art and location:

Art Gallery titan Wildenstien:
Guy Wildenstein Sun=Vesta/Cupido
Daniel Wildenstein Vesta/Cupido-ASC and MC and Venus
Alec Wildenstein Sun=Vesta/Cupido 40' orb

N. Vesta=Cupido (=Jupiter=Hades) Rudolph Bing Met Opera DOB 1/5/1902 8AM Vienna
Vest=Cupido (22 1/2 approx 10' orb) Dali built his own museum & had another built for him.

N. Vesta=Mars/Cupido
Client lived in Museum Arts Bldg.

Natal Vesta=Cupido=Aries (64H/closer than 18' orb)
Founder of Glastonbury Music Festival DOB 10/31/1949

Here's an example of Vesta/Cupido symbolizing the name of a work of 'art'
N. Vesta=Cupido (22 1/2 approx. 5' orb)
Trey Parker, creator of "South Park" (because South Park is a location) DOB 10/19/1969

Village People founder Juno=Cupido=Aries 11/27/1936
=Vesta 64H

His partner and co-creator has Vest=Cupido/Vulcanus (22 1/2 approx. 19' orb) DOB 5/26/1971

Jacques Brel names his last album "Marquessa" after Marquessa Islands where he lived
P. Cupido=Vesta 64H 2' orb (1977; it was exact 1972--1974 but couldn't find an event)

Brendan Dassan accused of murder; one of the subjects of "Making of a Murderer"
Family owns Avery Salvage Yard, apparently big deal of it's kind in Wisconsin; where the car of the victim was found
Vesta=cupido (64H)

Ridley Scott Natal Vesta=Cupido (11/30/1937)
His work showcases urban environments including 2nd century Rome (Gladiator), 12th century Jerusalem (Kingdom of Heaven) and future cityscapes (Bladerunner)

N. Vesta=Cupido=Kronos
Eleanor Charlotte Butler (11 May 1739 – 2 June 1829
Ppartner of  Sarah Ponsonby (the Ladies of Llangollen)
Her family were landowners who w who were for several centuries prominent in the administration of the Kingdom of Ireland.   She built Plas Newydd visited by many famous people. It's now a museum  Includes a temple (She had natal Juno/Poseidon too)

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