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·         Small spaces
·         Stay in a home a short time (frequent moves)
·         Bring foreign influences back home

  • Small Spaces

 "An artist's studio should be a small space.  Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it". 
Leonardo Da Vinci  N. Sun=Vesta/Admetos 2' orb.

"Smallville" writer (Gough August 22, 1967)

Artist Alfred Jarry lived in an apartment his landlord had created by subdividing a larger apartment horizontally, rather than with a more standard vertical partition (N. Vesta=Admetos 15' orb).  This must have challenged Jarry who also had Juno/Vulcanus.

Julia Child called her home “La Pitchoune” — or “The Little Thing”; 

Vesta Admetos also symbolizes:
Storage containers

  • Some don't leave home
  • Some travel to bring foreign influence back home
  • Some live in their homes only briefly

There are instances of people with Vesta/Admetos who never leave home.  In the charts of 2 agoraphobics,  one had Vesta=Admetos 6' orb, the other had Moon=Vesta/Admetos 6' orb.  Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro never traveled, except for brief political necessities.  Some children with this combination prefer to stay in one room of their homes, such as the library.  Artist Henri Fantin Latour would only paint indoors  (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 13' orb). 

More common, however, were the  people with Vesta/Admetos pictures who changed homes frequently.  Their biographies use descriptions like "Vagabond existence",  "wanderer", "nomadic lifestyle", "restless movement", "I don't live anywhere".   Leonardo da Vinci moved approximately 13 times, almost never by choice.  Madame Blavatsky moved with her family  9 times in 11 years, and this was before she began her world travels.   

Among the group with Vesta/Admetos, some brought far flung elements back home.  Argentinean painter Emilio Pettoruti left his home in Argentina to study in Europe.  Attempting to integrate a modern European sensibility with the traditional art of his homeland, he was hounded into exile.  He retained his consciousness of home, and never departed from his nationalistic subject.  N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 8' orb. 

King Karl Gustaf of Sweden prepared for his role as Head of State by spending time overseas, sometimes at particularly Swedish outposts, such as the Swedish Embassy in London,  but also working in a London bank and at a factory in France (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 8' orb).

Violinist Yuhudi Menuhin was born in the U.S. but was a citizen of three different countries.  He introduced Iyengar Yoga to the west, had a long association with Ravi Shankar, with whom he recorded "West meets East" and began the charity Live Music Now, paying to train musicians to bring live music back to their own communities (N. Sun=Vesta/Admetos 10' orb).


Joseph Stalin changed the direction of communism from Lenin's objective of worldwide expansion to "Socialism in one country" (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 8' orb).  Stalin left Russia just twice--to sign international treaties.

Chiang Kai-shek (N. Vesta=Admetos 32' orb)  was leader of the Republic of China for 47 years.  After the Chinese Revolution, he retreated from the Chinese mainland--the world's third largest country-- to the tiny island of Taiwan. 

When Winston Churchill had P. Admetos=N. Vesta 1' orb, he became Under-Secretary of State for the colonies.  When P. Sun=Vesta/Admetos, he began to inhabit "the war rooms", a bunker to protect him from the bombing of England during WWII.  Churchill had N. Vesta square Admetos 14' orb.
Vesta/Admetos in Literature

Hermann Hesse  (N. Vesta/Admetos=Sun 5' orb) came from a family which belonged to a German minority in a region which was part of the Russian Empire.  The area, Swabia, had undefined borders and remained isolated from surrounding areas, with a language not understood by Russians or other Germans, and a Swabian religion that further estranged him from the neighboring areas.  His family background became "the basis of an isolation and a resistance to any sort of nationalism that so defined my life". 

Hesse  married, but left his wife within weeks.  Upon his return, he rented a separate apartment.  The fictional events of his novels reflect his real life isolation and inability to make lasting contact with the outside world....while searching for the right place, his own "Estonia"

·         The setting of "The Glass Bead Game " is a fictional  province reserved for the development of the life of   the mind, with little technology or economic life.  The players occupy "Ivory tower" with little to no impact on the outer world.
·         "Demian"  struggles between 2 worlds,  the world of illusion and the world of reality, seeking  an infinite god who encompasses both sides of the world.  The symbol of Abraxas appears as a bird breaking free from an egg or a globe.
·         "Siddhartha"s life is characterizied by "restless departures and the search for stillness at home.
·         "Steppenwolf" is disgusted by nationalistic mentality and remains a stranger to his society.

Vesta/Admetos in architecture and science
 Prince Charles has an interest in urban planning.  He designed a town called Poundbury.  Although it includes office and residential buildings, "the impression of a small market town is maintained" (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 4' orb).  The founder of the 'tiny house' movement does not have an outstanding Vesta/Admetos picture, instead she has Admetos=Vesta/Juno.
Michelangelo was also an architect.  Among his most famous designs was the Laurentian Library.  The library's physical conditions were highly limited: it had to be narrow and light enough to fit on the second story of a pre-existing structure.  He solved the problem with "recesses and voids alternating with vertical supports".  (The library is on the left side of the photo.).  His most famous work, the Sistine Chapel, was at the time,  built for small congregations, not open to the public.  During a time of political unrest, he spent 3 months hiding in a small underground space, below a Medici tomb which he had designed.  "I hid in a tiny cell, entombed like the dead Medici above, though hiding from a live one".  (P. Admetos=Vesta/Cupido 1' orb; N. Vesta=Admetos 25' orb). 

Among scientists are findings which focus on small areas, or that which focuses.   Theodore Maiman, inventor of the first working laser, concentrating light waves (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 6' orb).  Georges Cuvier's 18th century study of the strata of the Paris basic established the principles of biostratigraphy (N. Vesta/Admetos=Aries 13' orb).

Frederick Mattias Alexander had problems speaking as a child, and developed a series of exercises called "The Alexander Technique" which helped people cure a number of ailments. 

His grandparents were convicts shipped to an island off the coast of Australia, where he was born..  Ashamed of his background, instead he said he was from Scotland.  He moved from the island to Melbourne, seeking "a wider scope of activity".  Doctors advised him to leave Melbourne for his health.  He became a voice teacher, beginning with a tour of his birthplace.  His return was successful, but unhappy; his father called him a "vagabond".  He moved to London, but spent half his time in the U.S., where he never felt at home.


 Natal Vesta=Admetos (64H/6’ orb) DOB 2/17/1988
Confined in a "dungeon" small hidden underground room 9' long, 6' wide, with a 7'9" ceiling. Also Saturn=Uranus=Aries exact. 0 cap major aspect
(=Kronos w 64H) She had no outstanding Saturn/Vulcanus but that may connect with the Asd or MC.

This picture does NOT appear in the chart of the author of the Little House books.

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Hi. thank you, awesome. Transiting Vesta is now small minutes from exact T.admetos 29 degrees, the death degree,in tauras and my 12th, collective demonstrations. I think the immigrants fleeing Isis and Alberta's Fort McMurrey huge fire that destroyed the township temporarily, and even my own ex moved involuntarily closer to his son. I've been keeping a close eye being a taurus 23 degrees sun. Venus and mercury, on admetos. The biggest for me was choking due to stress which resolved and then something hit my stomach. Two months previous my mother choked in care home, 92. and died of complications. Pisces.